RIC system calls the five most significant events of the year GLONASS

NGO RIC-Systems publishes its own list of the five most significant events in 2011 related to the development and promotion of domestic satellite system GLONASS.

 Photo source:livejournal.com

In the first place the most anticipated event of the year — the completion of the formation of regular number of GLONASS constellation. Now domestic satellite navigation signal system is adopted across the globe, without limitation, the quality and accuracy of the positioning have increased significantly.

In second place — The output of domestic satellite positioning technology to the mass market custom mobile devices. Studies have confirmed a number of Russian companies: navigation chipsets used in modern smartphones, tablets, phones do support work with GLONASS. Thus, GLONASS stepped on other continents and is now available to users in other countries.

An important breakthrough has been the development and successful entry into the Russian market of domestic subscriber equipment, mating technology TETRA professional mobile radio and satellite tracking GLONASS. TETRA-GLONASS equipment specially designed for the professional user groups (MVD, ambulance) and will be used to provide security during major international events — 2012 APEC Summit and the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

In fourth place — The adoption of several important government initiatives, determine the development of GLONASS in the next few years. Among them — the mandatory carriage of passenger and freight transport GLONASS navigation equipment, the development of the project monitoring system of heavy trucks — "12-tonner", the creation of intelligent transport systems in Moscow. Separately, in this series is the most ambitious Glonass project — a system of emergency response in case of accidents.

Finally, in fifth place — The formation of the image of Russia in the international arena as a powerful "navigation power." The partners of our country on the development and implementation of GLONASS technologies were India, Brazil, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.

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