RIC-Systems and Sepura summed up cooperation

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In 2011, the NGO RIC-Systems said the impressive results of cooperation with one of its strategic partners — the British company Sepura. The most significant result of cooperation between companies: access to the Russian market TETRA subscriber equipment under the brand GAMMA. World’s first GLONASS became available in TETRA-radio stations.
GAMMA equipment was presented to the general audience at the international exhibition "CSTB", held in Moscow in May last year. As part of this event RIC-Systems and Sepura signed a formal agreement, securing the main areas of cooperation and conduct further joint research projects. As a key area of cooperation between the companies has been identified in order to advance Russian equipment and integrated solutions using GLONASS technology and TETRA.
Successful entry GAMMA radio TETRA standard with support for the Russian GLONASS market marked the first significant supplies. Company RIC-Systems under a contract entered into with the State Corporation "Tetrasvyaz" (in the person of JSC "RadioTel"), released in 1500 vozimykh GAMMA radio stations that will be used during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
On the basis of RIC-Systems established service center, which is the point of technical support for users of subscriber equipment and Sepura radios GAMMA. Service center can reduce repair time and transportation cost while providing high-quality service and technical support in Russian.
Barfoud Kasper, head of the regional direction of Sepura, commented: "Customer service is a top priority for Sepura. As well as understanding the needs of our customers and providing them with the solutions in the production of advanced and quality products. It is important to provide all possible support to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. And our service centers are essential to achieve these goals. "
Barfoud adds: «Sepura is committed to the Russian market and will facilitate the introduction of digital technologies in the country. Our partnership with RIC-Systems has enabled us to achieve convincing results in this direction. We strive to provide the highest standards of service in relation to the growing number of clients in Russia and continue our technical collaboration on the integration of innovative technologies with Russian technology TETRA ».
For its part, the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems, announcing the positive results of the first year of working together, said: "We pay much attention to the cooperation with the company Sepura, whose quality products and high level of support has allowed us to successfully win new customers in the Russian market. The company is optimistic about the future of the partnership with Sepura. This is an excellent example of scientific, technical and commercial cooperation between the two top notch companies combine efforts to successfully meet the growing demand for digital PMR solutions in Russia. "

Press Release Sepura in English

Information about companies

NGO "Russian Innovation Complex Systems" (RIC-Systems) is a leading Russian systems integrator and consulting partner in the field of telecommunications and automated systems for monitoring the safety of objects and processes.
A key focus of the company is the realization of integration and consulting projects for the development of automated systems for monitoring objects and processes, multiservice telecommunication networks and specialized hardware and software systems. The company also has advanced experience in developing and manufacturing information and navigation equipment based on GLONASS / GPS technologies and solutions for the professional radio communication systems.

Sepura company was founded in 2002 and is one of the world leaders in the manufacture and supply of subscriber terminals standard TETRA. Among the final consumers of the company — the structure of public safety, military, transport and municipal agencies, and commercial organizations.
Sepura is a leader in the global market and the PMR is at the forefront of innovation TETRA-systems. The company has successfully solves the problems of providing quality equipment customers worldwide.

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