RIC-Systems has developed MBS TETRA based on domestic terrain vehicles

Company NGO RIC-Systems has developed a mobile base station TETRA standard on the basis of domestic freight road vehicles. This solution is designed to address a wide range of professional tasks responders, enforcement authorities and industry enterprises.

Mobile base station (MBS) includes a range of telecommunications and technological equipment to rapidly deploy a local segment of the TETRA network to any desired location. MBS is created on a platform of local terrain vehicles GAZ and KAMAZ.

The telescopic antenna height of 20 meters with an automatic deployment provides a coverage area of up to 30 km. In the limits of the local network segment subscribers have access to all the standard features of the digital TETRA: voice-operative radio communication, group and individual calls, priority calls, data transmission via secure channels, etc.

The complex includes a control room TETRA, providing the crew with operational radio subscribers TETRA, as well as monitoring the location of subscribers TETRA and display them on a digital map

Telecommunications and manufacturing equipment located at the MBS closed body, designed to operate at temperatures from -50 to +45 C. In order to prevent emergencies on board capacity for fire suppression systems and alarm systems with control of the perimeter frame and a motion sensor. 

MBS autonomously in the "field" without connecting to external sources of electricity: power supply provides built-in diesel-electric generator. High cross-GAZ and KAMAZ allows you to deploy a local segment of the TETRA radio network at any point, depending on the tasks, including in remote and distant places.

On the basis of functional, mobile base station can be used during the emergency response, during public events in order to ensure public order, in the event of damage, failure or absence of other communication systems.

This decision will be claimed by the executive authorities and the emergency services — Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, and the branch enterprises whose activities are connected with the work in remote areas. The solution can be adapted to the requirements and objectives of the customer.

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