RIC-Systems introduced TETRA-GLONASS solutions at the International Satellite Navigation Forum

The company NPO "RIC-Systems", a leading industry expert in the field of communication systems, control and security solutions provided by technology-based TETRA-GLONASS at the VI International Satellite Navigation Forum. The forum is held in Moscow and is a key event in the use of satellite navigation technologies. 

Within the section devoted to monitoring systems and traffic management, an NGO RIC-Systems in the course of his speech, introduced the technology solutions based on TETRA-GLONASS. As noted in the report, the use of standard solutions based on GPS / GLONASS / GSM is not always effective — for example, in remote areas or areas with missing or underdeveloped communications infrastructure for mass events, coordination during emergency response, etc. Emergency services and authorities require a comprehensive solution, guaranteed to provide communication with the control center units "on the ground".

So the solution, ready for implementation in any region of Russia, is a monitoring system based on technology TETRA-GLONASS. TETRA-GLONASS technology matches the standard features of a professional radio TETRA, which has a number of important functional advantages over public networks, and GLONASS satellite positioning.

The basis of the monitoring system are portable and transportable TETRA-user terminals GLONASS issued NGO RIC-Systems under the brand name "Gamma". The terminals can be used for online voice communication and monitoring of the movement of people and vehicles for any purpose. Data transfer is possible in the fixed control center (eg Situation Room governor) and a mobile control tower.  

An important advantage of the monitoring system, developed by specialists of the RIC-Systems — its flexibility: Depending on customer needs, the complexity of the problem, the coverage, the number of subscribers can apply different solutions — using ground-based network infrastructure TETRA, the so-called "easy solutions" (without Frequency of base stations), the deployment of mobile communication units, etc.

Thus, the monitoring system based on TETRA-GLONASS technology is an effective solution for emergency services and authorities, including those in remote and remote locations with no infrastructure communication. 

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