Rice processing plant started in Krasnodar

The company "Krasnodarzernoprodukt" launched its processing plant rice cereal. The oldest company with 75 years of history introduces the latest high-tech equipment. The new production is organized within the existing MELNICHNAYA-elevator complex, the press service of the city administration.

According to the CEO Aidamir Shazzo, investment, and it is own funds amounted to more than 90 million rubles were invested in the construction of conveyor galleries, purchase of new equipment made in South Korea and packaging systems.

The project is implemented in three and a half months, the payback time — one and a half years. Capacity — 170 tons per day of rice-grains. Rice cereal manufactured by the Krasnodar plant meets all the international standards.

The expected tax revenue for the year 2011 from operations of rice plant will amount to 6,000,000 rubles.

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