Riddle of the century

Friends, I understand that the issue is not a new … but they are not less exciting ones. Help, my dear, to reveal a terrible secret, because I do not sleep at nights. I am suffering. Where, in the process of washing socks paired disappear? That is, you put in the washing machine two completely identical sock (with the only difference being that one — right, and the other — left). You put, it means that two of the same, and take out one. Q: what happened to the second?! [Cut] I look at those lonely socks and understand — then smacks of something unclean. Smells dirty, it can be said. Without the intervention of the dark forces can not get along. Maybe in the wash one pair sock away into the dusk? Maybe the toe socks steals gnome? And then sniff, sniff, sniff … But who in this enlightened age, believe in this nonsense? Rather, it’s much simpler: in the process of twisting, socks reach speeds in excess of that, according to the theory of relativity, simply drop out of the space-time continuum and sent to another dimension. See how easy? In another dimension! Or even the time. For example, in the past … Imagine a morning newspaper headline: "A group of archaeologists conducting excavations in the Valley of Peru, discovered an ancient burial mismatched socks. Reasons of humanity, socks immediately buried the back." And maybe in the future! This, incidentally, explains the fact that, after some time, socks are suddenly … There are more things on earth, Horatio … But I’m only one — the man who discovered this secret, will provide invaluable service to all mankind. After all, lonely socks — it’s not just sad. The perfect pair of socks keeps the universal balance and support global harmony. And one … what can one sock? The ancient saying — "one sock is safety in numbers", "one sock — and the stink on the field," etc. And spoil the aesthetics of a lone sock — not on the wall to hang it properly, or put in a corner. By the way, one of my friends, trying to solve this problem a simple way: he had made a special box, which adds all the mismatched socks. There’s something they find each other … On this romantic note we conclude.

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