Riddle: The world is getting faster


22.12.03, the


If you feel that increases the speed of your life, you know — you are far from the truth. The last few years the world has really accelerated. Time keepers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA) noted that they do not add one more second (called a leap year) for five consecutive years. Why? Because the Earth's rotation speed increases from 1999.
S1972, the world moved to the modern atomic system to determine the exact time, added a second 22 times — in order to maintain synchronization with atomic time naturally defined by the rotation of the Earth. But in recent years — not one. Scientists do not know exactly why it happened, but they have some theories.
Tom O'Brien, head of the NIST time and frequency, suggests that the rotation of our planet can be affected by several factors, among them — the changes in the movement inside the Earth's core, the effect of ocean tides and weather, changing the shape of the Earth. Although the long-term trend is to slow the rotation of the planet, the last five years, this is not noticeable. O'Brien believes that in the future the Earth's rotation is slowing down again. So there is hope that humanity will not live forever in a hurry.


ПОНЕДЕЛЬНИК, 22.12.2003, NTR.ru

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