Riemer launched two wells White

At two wells of "LUKOIL" started working sets of equipment manufactured by companies CTRP and "Reamers." In September, the two wells complicated company "LUKOIL — Western Siberia" has been successfully installed and tested equipment "Reamers" put to-controlled operation within the framework of a unique for the Russian oil and gas project "White hole". Both wells, which was successfully launched equipment owned by the territorial-production unit "LUKOIL — Western Siberia" — "Pokachevneftegas."

The first was installed in mid-September 1346 at the well-G North Pokachevsky field, the second — 27 September 4344 at the well of the Key field. To date, the two systems are derived on the regime. The structure chosen for downhole conditions within the "white hole" equipment includes ESP in corrosion-resistant design made to Almetyevsk enterprise group of companies "Riemer," plant "ALNAS", and corrosion-resistant tubing with a chromium content of 1-3%, manufactured in the company of CHEP Pervouralsk — Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. Wells company "LUKOIL — Western Siberia," became the second area, where oil companies are testing the proposed group "Riemer" comprehensive approach to oil production. "Due to the effective selection, production and service of special sets of submersible equipment and tubing under the complicated wells, provides synchronous increase MTBF across the underground part. This reduces the number of round-trip operations and repairs and related costs, and accordingly — to increase production. part of the financial risks of the project "White hole", which is a new standard for oilfield services, takes on "Riemer." This is a pilot operation of the equipment supplied under the project as well as beneficial to the customer payment scheme only for results "- said the features of the" White hole "head of business development Konstantin Gribanov.

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