HK SL8 rifle was developed by famous German arms company Heckler-Koch first for the Bundeswehr, as a tool for training reservists, but eventually she took the main niche for civilian market. Like the previous «civilian» development of the company, rifles HK SL6 and SL7, built on the basis of automatic military rifles HK G3, ​​the latest in database design and lay rifle technology military assault rifle HK G36. For the first time sports hunting rifle HK SL8 was presented to the public in 1998, at the end of the same year it was started mass production. The main niches for this vintvoki steel hunting medium-sized game, protection of property and sport-shooting application. In general military rifle also liked the newcomer, and was made under their military version HK SL9SD 7.62 mm (7.62×37 mm, .300 Whisper).

Military version differs increased to 30 gauge and integrated silencer. And the rest of the military version was identical to the plain. Like other vivid guns issued by Heckler-Koch, HK SL8 rifle usually distinguish the highest quality production, high reliability and sufficiently high price. To adapt HK SL8 for the civilian market, the pistol grip and folding butt from G36 were changed to fixed with a thumbhole, and the receiver has been modified to prevent the attachment of a folding butt from G36. In addition, in accordance with the Law on the Control of Arms SL8 rifles exported to the United States, have been modified so that they can not use the shops from G36 ammunition staggered, normal tanks of 20 and 30 rounds. HK SL8 rifle version for the U.S., can only take a single row 10-round magazine.

Many details of the G36 rifles can be installed on the SL8, but the pistol grip and folding butt can not be applied without changes. Because several U.S. companies (Black Market Parts) issued a revised folding butt, which can be installed on HK SL8, another American company produces special mounting unit, which enables mounting unusual folding butt from G36. Apart from this, it is possible with the use of unique devices from the G36, processed under standard rifle magazines for 30 rounds, but such acts violate the laws already on the U.S. civilian gun.

Semi-automatic rifle Heckler-Koch SL8 uses the vapor-automatic located above the barrel, gas piston with a small stroke and automatic adjustment of the flue gas. Locking barrel by turning the bolt having 7 lugs. Handle rollaway shutter, placed over the receiver and can be rotated at any side. Receiver and the bed is made of impact-resistant plastic, and have a modular design with interchangeable receiver stores. For implementation in countries where restrictions on magazine capacity civilian guns, rifles HK SL8 receiver equipped with a special shops for 10 rounds. For implementation in countries where no such restrictions, the rifle can be equipped with receivers under 30 chargers plastic shopping from HK G36 assault rifle or a store from M16 / AR-15.

In the basic version is equipped with a rifle HK SL8 located above the barrel rib, adjustable rear sight nakotoruyu installed and fly open sight. On the same strip can be installed and scopes. In addition, the ability to install strap type Picatinny rail, and removable carrying handle with built-in optical and / or red-dot sight on an assault rifle HK G36. Boxes ungainly rifle, armed with an emphasis on the butt cheeks for. Stock length can be adjusted by installing a recoil pad rubber gaskets extenders.

The performance properties of HK SL8
Caliber 5,56 x45 mm / .223 Rem
Length 980 mm
Barrel length 510 mm
Weight empty 4.1 kg
Magazine capacity 10 or 30 rounds

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