Rifled short arms: in the free market denied


Fire rifled short arms of domestic production with muzzle energy up to 300 joules will not be included in the list of permitted free circulation of weapons. This point of view was expressed by the Government of the Russian Federation.

At the officialOnlineCabinet published the outcome of the pending bill, according to which this type of weapon would be free to wear in everyday life.

One of the reasons for disagreement with the proposed amendments — offenses that are constantly taking place in different cities of Russia.

— Remains extremely worrying situation with offenses committed with firearms limited destruction (self-defense weapon), including the possession of citizens legally. Over the past five years has been committed over two thousand crimes and offenses with the use of this weapon, including inflicted injury of varying severity over 500 citizens, 100 people died from his injuries, — said in a recall.

In that case, if the Fire rifled short arms will be allowed for free circulation, the security situation in the country could become worse.

— Based on the above the Government of the Russian Federation submitted a draft federal law does not support — according to a recall.

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