Rigel starts mass production of industrial lithium-ion batteries


TSAMTO, December 11. Scientific-Production Center "Rigel" launches innovative production facility for the production of lithium-ion batteries. The project cost 1.5 billion rubles.

According to the press release, the new production facility on the basis of SPC "Rigel" will produce lithium-ion batteries to be used in military and specialized equipment (mainly for the Russian Navy), as well as in electric vehicles and energy storage network.

SPC "Bolt" is the first Russian company, which started production of lithium-ion batteries on a commercial scale. Previously, these batteries and rechargeable batteries based on them are made only in small batches in a battery of "Rigel", mostly commissioned by the Main Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry deep-sea research. In the field of electrochemistry, the focus is on the level of the world’s leading companies engaged in lithium-ion batteries and power sources based on them.

According to the president of JSC "Rigel" Jury Bystrov, "an innovative manufacturing complex SPC" Rigel "is an example of the successful implementation of a public-private partnership, which is especially important to apply this experience in all science-based industries."

"Creation of a Russian-developed industrial base for the production of advanced lithium-ion battery gives you the opportunity to successfully solve the fundamental breakthrough technology-intensive tasks in the sphere of high technologies and is a prerequisite for the country’s movement towards modernization of the economy and national security," — said Yu.Bystrov.

In addition, he noted the importance of the development of domestic components.

"We need to understand that allowing imported batteries to the Russian market, we are, in fact, contribute to the penetration of imported hardware components from other countries," — said Yu.Bystrov.

The opening of an industrial complex for the production of industrial high-capacity lithium-ion batteries will be held December 14, 2012, with the support of "Russian Technologies" and the St. Petersburg regional branch of the "Russian Engineering Union." The event will be attended by the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Sergei Vyazalov, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of Russia Viktor Chirkov, deputy head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management Dmitry Pristanskaya and others.

"Scientific-Production Center" Rigel "was established in 2003 in accordance with the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin (from 04.11.2002 № Pr-1953 and from 13.11.2003 № Pr-1848). In 2008 the company became part of "Russian Technologies" under the control of a holding company "Russian Electronics". Lithium-ion power sources and batteries based on them, created by specialists of "Rigel", adapted to the specific requirements of the Russian Defense Ministry and other security agencies. According to its energy and performance, they are not inferior, and in many ways ahead of world counterparts. For example, the operating temperature range (-50 to +70 deg. C) does not provide any other company in the world.

Message is placed in the public domain on the website of GC "Russian Technologies".



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