Right to a homeland

Who fell in the Great Patriotic dedicated.

I know that the Russian government offered a program to take them home plucked from their homeland of compatriots. Press alerted that the Kaliningrad region is in need of working hands and waiting for them to return to Germany, because that is where there was a meeting of senior officials from the Russian hostage-mi adjustment (zarabitchanami in foreign countries). The meeting took place a few years ago. What and pro-HLA, typing his latest article with the same title as this one, in one of the magazines in Italy. Since the rules of this site are allowed to cover only actual acting project, the name of the journal will leave behind the scenes as well as my plans. The director of this magazine was, and still is, a kind of claims against any ideological or just a needy person asking for it, or offering it as the director of the magazine and the leader of the trade union, any action in the situation of migrants … one answer — "Why should that -what to do if you’re not mine? Here’s my beginnings as a result of all the activists, in which the head and got the word and character emotions and reflections caused by the "pitfalls" of illegal labor life. Suppose legality, and added a bit of sun overhead space underneath not provided, and the words and the character became more stronger and confident. right to a homeland.’s the logical conclusion of the entire experiment on the "free" movement .. As can be free forced How can it be free, from which you can not return? Every citizen of the country has, in any case, had a right to this nightmarish chaos of globalization. Vosstanavlivlenie right to a homeland. So you can call the efforts of Russia.’s dream of suffering hearts of the slaves, and slaves, often which put an end to the self-satisfied for the equation of state programs of their homeland, the passport holder , which are: the cultivation and education of children, care for the elderly, improved housing and off. This is what savings the state treasury, which took off those duties to the collapse of our manufacturing infrastructure that has been developed over the entire territory of the USSR! It provided an opportunity for every citizen increase in the labor force and in the spiritual sphere. And this, in turn, is the status of development of the state and, therefore, their development in general. Idiot on a global level will not be respected.

 But nowadays own a passport does not mean to be a citizen (civil rights violated in the home country). Since Cheovek no longer sounds good. For even the woman does not feel like a woman, as once, under fascism, did everything in concentration camps, that the man did not feel cause of her husband.Back to the program of Russia, which sounded, spelled, and about which I try to recall. With time have stated even on simplifying procedures for obtaining citizenship for the people of the former republics of the sisters. Where there is a sister-children, so be my mother. Let us remember how we were called home!And because my mother was a Fair worries!Now the children themselves, the elderly themselves, do not understand how my mother and father not Sure are. In Italy, for example, my mother called television. MAMA-Paradise (paradise-channel). Enrolling in the Rye, meant to get under the wing of the mother. Notice how the game turned out the words? Everybody wants to paradise .. but it is something for mom!!
Let us also remember that when Mom wanted to be a man with a capital letter.
That’s what I’m writing home with a capital letter, then low. Earlier, Ukraine was a great, and now it dropped to oh * Krajina (America in her mouth and her ass looks substitute want … now officially a)). Russia is trying to bring back their children. For it would not be logical and not fair to cross out the victory over fascism, who was trying to help the fire burn our spirit and our values. In S.Piterburge rightly said — "It is necessary to do so, that there was no fear. Matter what the west can we impose our values and in turn, the West must get rid of these fears." It’s a cultural diplomatic move — a reminder of the sovereignty of each state. Unfortunately, the word is replaced by nezalezhnyst. Therefore homeland and in small letters. There was a family, had a team that is depending on the overall actions? There was also a homeland. We have imposed Western values nezalezhnysti with a gross interference in our affairs. I would like to apologize to the soldiers of the Great. Alas, we are strong in the fire, we grasped the hide-and inventions, but we are sincere and are not protected from Inform brainwashing. We lost the home to fight for democracy and freedom of speech. We lost Mom. By the way, in Europe, is also far from paradise. One consolation, we still criticize Western analysts. This indicates that they are westerners, not all of us value our wash. My comments under the next analysis in the AIF was the conclusion — if the teacher so long criticized the student, the question arises, who toupee? A teacher who can not cram "knowledge" in the student or the student, which inhibits the growth with foreign values. Criticizing us after the revolution, while the Soviet Union and now, capitalism makes himself prigovr.

 And capitalism is now masked by the word globalism. Talking to foreign friends so — your vzgdyad that from abroad helped you srefleksirovat, and with my "The View from Abroad" (the name of art fotokorra), be focused on the target (my motto).I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian Galichchine who were not afraid to read Russian books. We must pay tribute to the Russian-sky officers for the treatment of women and the concept of an officer’s honor. But in their time were strikes, the fight for limited working hours. for human rights, for the erasure of the gap between the super-rich and poor … inherent throughout the west, and now us. In those days, all the values of the West have been with us .. remember the peasant revolution. What ended? You can understand any government used tear gas and batons against riot and massacre the rebels, but then it was a peaceful protest! The crowd came to the area in protest! Only souls fought desperately, showcases, then did not fight! What is over! And all this we were in school. And again, back to Western notions of democracy and freedom of speech? Forgetting that our unions engaged in dispensaries, discount vouchers, queues for housing and off for the good of man. There, trade unions organized a strike on … big time. If only someone did not rebuke the country in the absence of freedom of speech and democracy. What can I say, we are trying to insinuate that the Christian must ignore the postulate of a profound teaching about sodomy. Walk on the Constitutional Law that provides every citizen to participate in the leadership of the country. Tried to apply for the candidates from exile. It is necessary to have a million dollars dollars, minimum. Why and for whom the U.S. then acts Constitution? In general oukraine admindolzhnost and position, providing records management can not take the majority of citizens. Due to the fact that one day more than half of the people in one morning woke up in a foreign country, for which there was little contact with the destruction of industrial infrastructure, as yet, Bring her unemployment in the Russian-speaking uch.zavedeniyah. And creativity russkogovryachschih wants to be called a "culture of homelessness," as in the physical sense and in the spiritual. After all, poetry russkogovryaschih do not fall under the concept of native literature, and hence is not the cultural heritage of the country. I hope that oukraina again acquire the status of a full-fledged community with the whole person, not half-hearted-Square. In the Carpathians, even in the 70’s singing in parks RETURN TO ME MOM on RUSSIAN. I was young then and did not know that my mother did not just die … they are absorbed bog earnings .. and that Kashchei really immortal … Russia with the project "The right to the Motherland" was the liberator of millions Vasilisa the Beautiful and her children … As in the time of our fathers and grandfathers defended our future and build it, setting a five-year plans and competing with each other in the labor progress. Thank you for Russia to maintain its image of the Liberator. How would this experience took over the presidency, the neighbors? It is not true that Moscow is responsible for the negligence of the neighborhood leaders. Italy also collects forum for discussing RELEASE OF YOUTH .. Once upon a time there was a law of negligence at the workplace. Why did he not spray on rostranyaetsya presidents? What country is not a workplace that requires inventory to which we are all used in every workplace?Let’s return to the director of the magazine. Somehow, and I tried to impose campaign because you were slaves, and now you are free to send as grazhdane.Vas tmutarakani after graduation. The answer was — What is the point that I can send you at all in a loud voice, the salary is not paid and are not going to pay .. mf — are your servants. A typical western demolition agent. But we have about the project on the return of the people and to restore the values with which we defeated in World War II. Creation of the National Front, from my point of view — one of the items on the Upland-treatment. After all, the movement called the usual simple words that we be united under the onslaught of the war. I am sure that this movement has its say in this war — the information. Thank you for Syria. Fewer refugees, more peace. Children do not leave their home, Mom. Libya, alas, lost its status as Mom. After my letter to the European Parliament, in Piazza Navona, Italy, the organization was established "Return to revive." What they took someone else’s idea proves their shelter from the interview and their primitive needs — to buy a ticket in the opposite direction. What does the Revival? An article about the project was called "We were born to make fairy tale come true." Returning peoplecomplex process that requires a careful approach and joint action. There are suggestions, but they are not available on oukraine, as it is still committed to Western values in Russia will go as soon as the money opportunities. Italy, too tired and moral collapse of the economy, from there try to expand the horizons of Russian project. But this future news on this site. Then napischu prozhvizhenii of this clever design. The old man took the Spirit, the children take Mind, children need to understand that without the movement will bog. Because what is going pomagajut or what sheep must submit a voice? We must act, not only on God’s hope, sitting in churches and leaving the job of prazhdnikam .. but you have to admit that the old man’s faith replaced by the opium of the people … Make every effort to win in the information war. The main thing is to see the goal and the way to achieve the manifest.

Memory and thanks to our defenders. At 41 and in the "peaceful" times.


We took a sleepy,

Generally relaxed ..

We used to be protected —

Our children were required to

Go to the ranks for our peace of mind ..

Here’s Union was an obstacle for many ..

And instill hatred of the past.

And now the boys are dying —

Children of the Union, once the country

And now baguyut Nazis!

No calm and relaxed everyday.

And the boys are dying

When a brutal massacre, klasovoy.

Only classes unequal —

Someone taxis, and someone is praying,

Who is who in God hopes.

There is no tradition and no longer homeland,

No plants, and instead of the factories

We go to the parade ground rugatsya.

The area today for meetings,

For batons and tear gas.

A human referendum sunk ..

It is seen not as protected boys

We see ourselves are somewhat confused.

But they had hoped for,

What’s more like they are defenders.

Now we see the difference

Between the homeland and the U.S..

Hard truth is revealed to us:

Freedom is not what we thought.

Centuries forgive us, children, boys,

What we did not understand you,

What our gdaza not seen

And our hearts were sleepy


  • we are strangers here and its not there
  • we are strangers here and its not there

PS Came across a page on Facebook are a son, as his computer opens his page. Because of my not quite ovedomlennosti to work with a computer, did not change anything. My page of Facebook users also have only the name and surname written in English grammar. Photo taken in 2003 in Italy, it the author of this article, be reminded of such a difficult but important project "The right to the homeland." In previous wars, we completed the project "To defend the motherland."

fotokorra Stella Khorosheva.

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