Rise up in the air whether the South American reconnaissance blimp

The Air Force United States, spending 140 million dollars on the creation of a spy blimp for military operations in Afghanistan, declined to Blue Devil Block2, which is one of the projects of such type. It became clear that the spy blimp "landed" earlier than the take off. Could this mean a curtailment of the project future difficulties with the development of the military airship as a whole?

Let's make out intently Blue Devil Block2 — a project that is on the verge of closing. Most recently USAF issued a statement on the termination of the applets, adding that in the coming no plans to resume its previous platform.

Rise in the air whether American spy blimp

Assembly M1400 (Blue Devil Block 2) is almost complete. But it will not fly, and it is a pity. (Here and below the photo Mav6.)

Manufacturer — Mav6 — airship named model M1400. Volume airship envelope — 37 sq m ³, speed — up to 150 km / h, the length is 123 m, the ceiling — 6 km, the continuous stay in the air achieves 9 days. A comparison of this device with the HAV 304 made by the British Hybrid Air Vehicles. Thus, the volume in the South American unit, the assembly is actually completed in Elizabeth City, North Carolina that is close to the volume of HAV 304. The time of a continuous flight three times less. The fact that the speed M1400 closer to 150 km / h, the HAV 304 is equal to only 37 km / h Of course, for aircraft, used for intelligence purposes, it is a significant difference.

One of the principal drawbacks is the inability to develop Mav6 to land without helium production associated with the fact that the airship is lighter than air. It also can not take the water as it does HAV 304.

But it is not only and not so much in the properties of the model. For a long time South American military programs from there based on small economical limitations. Money for military projects were given virtually unlimited. Now the Americans are trying to balance military budget. But the price of many items of military equipment grows. For example, during the development of cost M1400 rose exactly four times.

Now it costs 180 million dollars, quite shocking that anyone was going to finance the project to the bitter end. Americans now understand that the idea of building on the airship will be implemented, the more expensive it will cost the state treasury. It appears that the corruption component and then intensively manifested itself. That's why the United States decided to end funding programs from. This is due also to the fact that the same project can be implemented by British spices for 40% off. Americans are taught to consider the means!

Mav6 trying to justify their requests that Tipo very high price of electric models of the interior. The sensor system and onboard data analysis center covers the area of 90 square kilometers. And this, convince us, almost 3 times higher than that of English rivals. With all of this absolutely signals are processed in an automatic mode, and departure at GOCC is received after this analysis of data.

Rise in the air whether American spy blimp

Head Mav6 Dave Deptula behind the dashboard airship. In the presence of the M1400 driver provided only as a function of

But experts at DARPA had time to expose your company to a certain percentage of guile: the interior of the electric model, which in plain clothes, in a military execution, in fact similar. And 100 million dollars for the electronics air unit is extremely expensive, and the making of the airship supercomputer obviously does not go to the puzzle of modern management to finance projects in the U.S. military.

It should be noted that the design of M1400 is widely used carbon fiber. When the parameters of the construction cost of carbon fiber parts to be expensive to manage customer. With all of this is questionable even the introduction of carbon fiber version. After all, completely clear that the weight of its design such as aircraft airship for its maneuverability is not as important as the weight of the airplane. Airship do not consume energy to maintain itself in a state of flight.

Of course, all of these facts do not mean that even the remains vague prospect of using airships for reconnaissance purposes. For example, many models are more expensive unmanned $ 100 million, but may be in the seating 10 matches times less time than, for example, HAV 304. Because, perhaps, Americans, revising the conditions of the project financing, still return to its implementation.

Based on the materials Wired and Computerra-Online.

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