River cruises on the river Lena

Perhaps the most rare travel on Russian rivers are river cruises along the Lena River from Yakutsk.
On ship "Mikhail light". It’s such exotica that these cruises are very greedy people from Western Europe. In addition, routes are considered truly ecological, as run through the virgin places are still not fully acquainted with grief Siberia, without a doubt, beautiful corner of our country. Travelling along the Lena River from Yakutsk to lie in two directions — in the north to the town of Tiksi and south to thkind Lensk.

Going to Tiksi, one of the most northern point of Siberia, our visitors have to go through quite not a short but very informative and interesting 7-day path to one side with a visit to the park Lena Pillars, settlements Zhigansk, Kyusyur on the way back and visit Natara Sottintsy . Thus, you expect an exciting 14-day journey through the mysterious Siberia.
So hit the road. In the beginning of his career, the ship will go to the south to our tourists could have on the second day of his trip to visit the natural National Park "Lena Pillars",
organized by the decree of the President of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia August 16, 1994. The park is located on the banks of the River Lena in Hangalusskom District, Yakutia is 104 kilometers from the city Pokrovsky. Park got its name from the stretching along the banks of the river at a distance of bizarre vertical cliffs, cut by Lena plateau. The greatest density and clutter, rocks reach the villages in the district of Peter and Tit-Ary. Rocks, the height of which sometimes reaches 100 meters, formed Cambrian limestone. This is truly a monument created by nature itself. All this grandeur and splendor began to form about 560-540 million years ago, they themselves Lena Pillars were formed by geological standards recently about 400,000 years ago. All this time the Siberian plateau changed, undergoing a gradual lifting, that was the formation of many faults and river valleys. Karst processes of erosion and weathering of the business did the rest, creating a variety of bizarre rock formations. As we know from history, in Siberia at all times, and referred to the political prisoners and criminals. So Decembrist A.A.Bestuzhev-Marly said about these places: "Some sort of holy silence lies on the creation of a virgin, and the soul merges with dikoyu, but glorious nature."

The area occupied by the park, which consists of two parts with conventional names of "Pillars" and "Sinskaya" is 485 thousand hectares. The main and the main purpose of parkland, of course, is Eco-Tourism, including a river cruise along the Lena River. Also to attractions "Lena Pillars" are fluttering Sands-tukulans, an ancient human at the mouth of the creek-Deering Yuriakh. During the excavation, there were found tools of ancient people made of stone. Also here were found fossils of ancient animals — mammoths, bison, woolly rhinoceros. Currently, the park "Lena Pillars" continues to rightfully claim to be listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Further routes of cruises along the Lena River will take place only in the north, again passing the capital of the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, the ship approaches to the mouth of the river Viluy, the longest 2,650-km and the largest left tributary of the Lena River. Viljui pool has more than 67,000 lakes, the largest of which are Nijh Baratalah, mastitis, Syugdzher, Boguda and MoCA. The banks of the river, wooded steep and winding, frequent rapids. In the area of the village Chernyshevskii to the mouth of Chirkou, water Viljui are part Vilyuiskaya HPP.
After passing the mouth of the Viljui, river boat continues its fun swimming and docks to the marina village, with a rather ambiguous title Zhigansk,
administrative center Zhigansky District of Yakutia, sprawling on the left bank of the Lena River. In order not to mislead you, say that Zhigansk translated from the Evenki "edigen" means nothing more than "a resident of the lower reaches of the river." The village itself is located on both banks of the river Strekalovki, a tributary of the Lena River. In 1632, the Yenisei Cossacks led by Ataman Pyotr Beketov organized in these places Lenski jail, in the same year, a small group among them, led by Alexey Arkhipov and Luke Yakovlev went down the Lena River and 770 kilometers from the stockade built zhiganskiye cabin. After a century and a half got the status of county town of Yakutsk, Irkutsk region governorship. In 1805, deprived of it, as he was sacked "Varnakov" — escaped hard labor, led by former Russian officer Baratashvili down by the river Aldan River Lena. Since 1917 was the rural community. From its very beginning, has become a major Zhigansk zemleprohodstva northernmost point on the Lena. It was here in 1633 was organized and reached the Arctic Ocean expedition led by Ivan Rebrov, after several expeditions repeated his way. In postpetrovskie times there was a place of exile of such famous personalities as associates of Peter I, Anton Devier, G.G.Skornyakov-Pisarev, a member of the Polish uprising Ivan Oskirko Decembrist A.N.Andreev. According to 2002 data, there are about 3,500 inhabitants, mostly engaged in fishing, hunting and reindeer herding.

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