Ronald Reagans secret meeting on the issue of UFOs and inoplanetyan.Stenogramma.


As you know, still in the office of governor, Ronald Reagan, and other airplane passengers, observed the appearance of UFOs and the unexpected departure of the machine at high speed that stunned observers. It's the memory for a long time lived in the Reagan administration and once, in a conversation with the chief of bureau Wall Street Journal by Norman Miller, he blurted out that the UFO sighting.

Now known transcript of a secret meeting on the issue of UFOs and aliens, which was held by Ronald Reagan in March 1981

Transcript of secret tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland during a presidential briefing on UFOs and aliens visiting Earth. President Ronald Reagan was present at the meeting. The recording was made during the period from 6 to 8 March 1981 We present a source of transcripts and translation of the meeting.

William Casey: Mr. President, good morning. As we discussed in February, this briefing contains some very sensational and some very, very sensitive information. I'm not sure … oh, sorry … well, I'm not going to make a decision about who you want to leave the room. It will be your decision, Mr. President. It will be really difficult to trace when the briefing began, from a historical point of view, when there was, and worked there until recently. I believe that we have established a good chronological order of events. I am sure that you, Mr. President, will be a lot of questions.
According to the list of questions submitted to me ADVISOR number 2, all the answers will be given during the briefing. I hope that the issues will be even more, especially you, Mr. President, and leave this briefing with questions that still remain unanswered. I checked with the rangers conduct the briefing. It serves as a contract, an employee of the CIA and the present custodian of the information. Are we to assume that all those present on the spot?
THE PRESIDENT: Well, it will depend entirely on you, Bill. I think that clearly indicate who should have access to the information in this briefing, right?

WM Casey: Well, it seems, everything is in place, but as you will see, Mr. President, this material has a relatively high level of access. We call it ATS or "Above Top Secret", «Top Secret." This material has its classification and labeling. We have a special container, special printers and copiers for this stuff. Each word of this material is printed on special paper, which is then placed in a special container. The rangers will endeavor to protect all these things from a possible accidental distribution or copying some unauthorized persons.

But all of these materials protects the special group of people. The caretaker is responsible for protecting the information and all the other things associated with that information. I would prefer that you, Mr. President, to decide who you want to see in this room and who should leave it. Remember, this stuff is a mystery. Although the essence of the story has been known for many years, only a very small part of the actual true ever been made public. Ah, yes, well, it was done by some of the renegades, perhaps, but many of them have been discredited …

The President:
Well, Bill, I think we should leave ADVISOR number 1, you, counselor number 3 and Caspar stay here. I think ADVISOR number 2, and Michael may be gone.

ADVISOR number 2: Mr. President, I'm sorry, but I would prefer to leave. I do not want to know this information. You know the legality of denying this, or something like that.

Michael Deaver: Mr. President, I will do as you wish. It will be an interesting topic, but if I had really need to know this? No, I do not think so.
President: Well, I think that it should be.

WM Casey Thank you, Mr. President. Now I give the floor supervisor.

ADVISOR number 3: Dear Mr. President, and Mr. Director, I have participated in a briefing. I can stay or go. Secretary Weinberger and I got this information a few weeks ago.

SECRETARY Weinberger: Mr. President, as you know, we have some pending cases against this Soviet challenges in Berlin. I think that we could deal with it. ADVISOR number 3, and I will leave a meeting after a while.
The President: Well, Casp, I think you and the counselor number 3 can go. Thank you for coming.

WM Casey Well, Mr. President, it is certainly narrows the audience. I think this is what you need.
The President: Okay, okay, I can not wait to hear it. Let's get started.
Caretaker: Good morning, Mr. President. First of all, I would like to tell you a little about myself. But before that wanted to ask, please, Mr. President, if you have any questions during this briefing, just interrupt me, sir. I worked for the CIA for 31 years. I got the caretaker status of this project in 1960. We have a dedicated group of people we call "Group 6". She takes care of all this information.

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