Rosstat: In 2012 in Russia the number of poor people fell by 2.2 million (-12%)

The number of people with incomes below the subsistence minimum in 2012 sokratilass on 2.2 million people in annual terms (- 12.2%) to 15.8 million people, according to Rosstat.

By the end of 2012 the number of poor citizens accounted for 11.2% of the total population, by the end of 2011 such individuals was 12.7%.

In the IV quarter of 2012, the number of poor people fell by 1.2 million to 12.5 million, accounting for 8.8% of the country's population compared with 9.7% in the IV quarter of 2011 and 12.1% in III quarter of 2012

Cost of living in the IV quarter of 2012 amounted to 6705 rubles., including the working-age population — 7263 rubles., for pensioners — 5281 rubles., for children — 6432 rubles.

A living wage for all categories of the population has increased in the IV quarter of 2012 by 0.9%. In this case, the cost of food consumption basket decreased by 1%, the cost of non-food goods and services increased by 2% and 2.3%, respectively.

The average cash income in the IV quarter of 2012 amounted to 27,421 rubles., that 19.6% more, than in the III quarter of 2012, and by 11.8% more than in IV quarter 2011

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