Rosstat reported on the growth of foreign direct investment in Russia and a half times


Foreign direct investment in the Russian economy in the first three quarters of 2011 increased by 43.2 percent to 11,736 billion dollars. This was reported in the press release of Rosstat. There has been a growth in the volume of investments in all areas, including capital contributions (41.2 percent), as well as loans from foreign owners (51.7 percent).

Total foreign investment, the lion's share of which are loans rose in January-September, 2.8 times to 133.784 billion. Half of this amount was directed to the field of financial activity — 65.7 billion.

Most foreign investment was directed to the first three quarters of Cyprus and the Netherlands — at $ 13 billion.

In general, the accumulated foreign capital in the Russian economy amounted to 323.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 21.5 percent over the corresponding period of the previous year. The volume of Russian investments abroad amounted to 94 billion dollars.

The leaders in attracting Russian investments in 2011 were Switzerland (36.7 billion dollars) and Austria (14.8 billion dollars).

Previously, the Bank of Russia has published statistics according to which the amount of direct investment in the Russian economy in the first half of 2011 dropped significantly. This is due to the method of counting: the Central Bank, in contrast to the Federal State Statistics Service, said the balance of investment attracted to and repaid investments.

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