Rosstat: Russian GDP in the I quarter of 2011. increased by 4.1%

The physical volume of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Russia in I quarter of 2011. compared with the same period last year increased by 4.1%.
These are preliminary estimates published by the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat).

Rosstat data were slightly lower than previously published estimates of the Ministry of Economic Development (MED). Recently estimated the growth of the Russian economy in the I quarter of 4.5%.
Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke about the growth of GDP by 4.4% in January-March.

In late April, Russian Ministry of Economic Development reported that in March 2011. GDP growth excluding the seasonal factor was 0.3% compared with February. A positive contribution to GDP growth made construction, investment, industrial production and agriculture.

Compared to March of last year in March 2011. GDP growth, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, was 4.2%. At the end of 2011. Economic Development Ministry expects GDP growth of 4.2%.

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