Rosstat: The Russians are satisfied with their housing conditions

A new study by Rosstat "Comprehensive monitoring the living conditions of the population," paints an optimistic picture enough: almost 90% of Russians are satisfied with their living conditions.

In a study of Russian Statistics notes that 49.8% of respondents believe their living conditions satisfactory, 36.3% — good. Only 3.5% of households consider the condition of their homes excellent. The poor and the very poor condition of the premises indicated 8.8% and 1.6%, respectively.

Only about 9% of Russian households complain about the tightness of residence, other Russians are satisfied with the number of "squares" in their homes.

At the same time, a quarter of Russians (25.1%) complained about the lack of heat in the rooms, 29.6% — the bad noise isolation, an excess of humidity and dampness — 17.8%, for the lack of sunlight — 13.6%.

The study showed that in Russia for almost 20% of households have different living spaces in addition to the main one. Of these, 5.2% have separate apartments, 0.8% — one or more rooms in a communal residential single-family house (or the house) — 3% and almost 10% of households have a problem.

52.3% of households with additional housing, noted that it is suitable for year-round, and 49% for the season.

In a survey of Rosstat also notes that in the future to improve their living conditions are ripe only 11.4% of the Russians, and the vast number of citizens (84.2%) do not intend to in the near future to solve their housing problems.

At the time of the survey only 2.1% of households in Russia are new building or buying a new home. The majority of respondents (39.2%) declared its intention to buy or build a house in the future, noted that use their own savings or find them with friends. Ready to take advantage of a mortgage only 31.4% of households. On the maternity capital is calculated 19.7% and subsidies for the purchase of property — 3.7% of the respondents.

Note that during the global Rosstat survey collected information on about 20 million household members aged 15 years and older and 4 thousand children under the age of 15 years living in the selected households

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