Rostekhnadzor found a strategic partner in machine

"RT-Machine-" and an international team of MAG Europe signed an agreement on cooperation

Rostekhnadzor managed to find a strategic partner for its machine-building holding "RT-Stankoinstrument" — they will be an international group of MAG. This year, MAG and Rostekhnadzor will collect a total of 60 machines, but in the future they plan to increase production. According to analysts, in order to launch a full-fledged production of high-tech machines, you may need at least five years, because now technology and competence of their production in Russia "lost."

Yesterday Machine Tool Holding SC Rostekhnadzor "RT-Machine-" and the machine tool manufacturer MAG Europe have signed a cooperation agreement "to develop and manufacture in Russia of modern machine tools and components", told "Kommersant" in Rostekhnadzor. The corporation said that the partnership involves "the creation of the holding on the basis of an engineering center with the transfer of foreign competences and know-how in the development and production." At the first stage, the parties expect to begin the assembly of SKD kits vertical milling machines to "Neftekhimavtomatika" (Omsk). The first car sets off MAG «RT-Stankoinstrument" expects to purchase in the spring, the volume of production in 2013 should reach 60 machines in the future it will be increased, but the final production capacity not disclosed.

At the second stage, MAG and "RT-Stankoinstrument" expects to begin production in the Russian machine tool components and three years to enter the location of 30%. "Machining parts will initially be based in Togliatti on the Volga machine factory involving competencies Vladimir Technological Design Institute" Micron ", — say in Rostekhnadzor. In the third stage, the companies plan to create a joint venture, but the interest in it and the amount of potential investment were not disclosed.

MAG Group was founded in 2005, it brings together 26 manufacturing plants in Germany, USA, Canada, China, Switzerland, Brazil, Korea and Hungary. Annual turnover — € 1,5 billion company produces machine tools for automotive, aerospace, engine, space rocket, oil and gas industries.

"RT-Stankoinstrument" was created on the basis of the holding company "PT-Machine" in March 2012. It consists of nine companies: Volga Engineering Works (VSW), factory industrial coatings, VNIINSTRUMENT, VNIIALMAZ, VNIIAvtogenmash, NIPTI "Micron", VNITI EM IN "Stankoimport", "Neftekhimavtomatika."

In Rostekhnadzor emphasize that the main clients of the equipment produced will be the enterprise of the corporation itself, and the "promotion and realization of" machines will be engaged in trading house holding — VO "Stankoimport." Among the potential customers see the machines in Rostekhnadzor including the United Aircraft Corporation, VSPMO-AVISMA "Rostvertol" Tver Carriage Works, as well as enterprises of shipbuilding, oil and gas industries.

Rostekhnadzor had long planned to find a large foreign partners to develop a machine tool holding. In November 2011, the head of Rostekhnadzor Chemezov said that the corporation will develop a holding company based VSW Togliatti, who gave her AvtoVAZ, which offsets the debt, and is negotiating a "strategic partnership" with MAG.
Michael Park of "Aton" says that "on the one hand, in Russia there is indeed a need for a machine, given the increase in the localization of the automobile industry, and plans to re-many businesses, such as ship-building," but most of the foreign producers' traditionally buy imported machines from their global suppliers. " According to the analyst, to manufacture high-tech machines in Russia "will be costly and will require a minimum of five years." Mr. Park said that now "many of competence and technology in machine lost" and will have to buy them uniquely.

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