Rostekhnadzor handed Roselektronika ‘stakes in four companies

Rostekhnadzor continues to transmit holdings business management. As part of the additional issue holding "Roselektronika" received shares in the first four companies. 

In particular, the holding was transferred to Russia's largest producer of germanium for optoelectronics — the company "Germanium," Research and Production Enterprise "Inject" (production of diode lasers), the company "Lithium Element" (manufacture of lithium, ampoule and thermal chemical power sources) and "Plant Meteor." Last engaged in the production of quartz resonators and filters for navigation and radio communications. The assets were valued at 500 million rubles.  

Radar "Fregat MA", produced by NPO "Salute", part of the holding "Roselektronika

In total, by the end of the year on the balance of "Roselektronika" will be given shares in another 14 leading enterprises. The total assets of more than 6 billion. "According to the development strategy of" Roselektronika "to the end of the year will complete the integration of assets, — said General Director of the holding Andrei Zverev. — In the first stage of its implementation of the 124 organizations will be formed 74, taking into account the newly created, which will be combined into 60 business units. "

Zverev also said that the next three years, "Roselektronika" plans to win a strong position in its target markets, to promote high-tech civilian products and increase the capitalization of the holding.

Management companies Rostekhnadzor created to consolidate various industries, develop a common strategy for the development and improvement of the financial assets.

This year Rostekhnadzor began the transfer of assets to their holding companies. Prior to that, the shares of companies remained on the balance sheet of the Corporation. According to the strategy it Rostekhnadzor holdings will assume operational control of the business. Central office of the Corporation will be engaged in the formation of a common strategy, attracting investment and development of new business lines.

Her responsibilities will also include assistance in entering new markets, providing interaction with the authorities and monitoring of the state defense order.

"Russian electronics"Brings together the electronics industry, specializing in the design and manufacture of electronic products, electronic materials and equipment for their production, as well as microwave devices and semiconductor devices.

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