Rostekhnadzor has started the production of RPG-32 in Jordan

Jordan has opened production facility for the assembly and testing of weapons. At the opening ceremony was attended by the head of Rostekhnadzor Chemezov and the King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Abdullah II.

This is the first project Rostekhnadzor the transfer of high technology to Jordan. According to Sergei Chemezov, with state-owned corporation will establish the kingdom release the world's first portable anti-multikalibernyh RPG-32.


Cooperation of the parties is entering a new stage of development, said CEO Rostekhnadzor.

The new production facility — is an example of localization of production of modern high-tech defense systems and technology transfer


Chemezov also said the RPG-32 — one of the most advanced types of weapons capable of striking most of the then prevailing tank equipment, and other military installations.

The industrial complex assembly and testing of RPG-32 "Hashim" is located 20 km to the northeast of the Jordanian capital — the city of Amman. Construction of the complex and equipping it with the necessary equipment carried Jordanian Jadara Equipment &Defence Systems. The design capacity is up to 60 thousand rounds per year. Finished products will be manufactured in Jordan, and the components of the RPG will be released on the territory of the kingdom, and in Russia.

"Rosoboronexport", part of Rostekhnadzor, supplies components for SKD-propelled grenades, launchers, and also controls the work of Jordanian experts. The developer of the RPG-32 is a "daughter" Rostekhnadzor Scientific and Production Association "Basalt".

RPG-32 — is a new generation of weapons, which has the most progressive characteristics among all of the world of samples of the same class. The grenade launcher is designed for firing grenades caliber 72 and 105 millimeters and is a multi-use weapon. It consists of two parts: a starter set of reusable and disposable cartridges multikalibernyh.

Russian specialists are now explore the possibility of upgrading the existing sighting system RPG-32 and create a new, as well as developing a simulator for training shooters. As of May 2013, Russia supplied to Jordan military equipment and weapons worth about $ 40 million, including aviation equipment, armored vehicles, small arms.

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