Rostekhnadzor Innovation Day at the fair

Rostekhnadzor took part in the exhibition Innovation Day of the Defense Ministry, where the administrative board of the Ministry of Defense were presented promising innovative development of Russian industry and the military-industrial complex.

  Among the exhibits — advanced weapons, gadgets for the soldier of the XXI century, nanomaterials, armored cars, engines

August 20 in Moscow for the first time an exhibition of Innovation Day Defense Ministry. Participating in the event were 261 organizations, of which 60% — defense companies. Rostekhnadzor was presented by enterprises United Engine Corporation ("Fireworks" and "Saturn"), Concern "Kalashnikov", holding the optical "Schwabe", Holding "High-complexes" (Central Apparatus KB), KAMAZ, the Moscow Bank "Compass" Russian Corporation of communication, "Roselektronika" etc.

  • Bronevtomobil SBA-60-K2 Bulat, custom units and aggregates of mass-produced truck kamah-5350-terrain
  • Bronevtomobil SBA-60-K2 Bulat, custom units and aggregates of mass-produced truck kamah-5350-terrain

Experienced, forward-looking and are manufactured armaments presented Concern "Kalashnikov". In particular, the exhibition presents four options for upgrading an AK-74 and AK-12 in a variety of calibers, upgraded AK-103-3, and a sniper rifle SVDm being developed in the framework of development work "Warrior". The Company also introduced special machines — AC-1 / 5.45 x 39 mm / 2 and AC / 7,62 x39 mm / developed by request of the FSB special operations, as well as a sniper rifle, the BC-121. precision rifle SV-98 and SV-338M1 with a removable barrel and the ability to install any optical and night sights, small melee weapon — a smoothbore shotgun 18.5 COP-K and submachine gun PP-19 "Vityaz-SN", serially produced for the supply of Ministry of Internal Affairs. And gunsmiths show precision-guided munitions.

Holding "Schwabe" was presented "Zagorski Optical and Mechanical Plant" and Krasnogorsk plant them. SA Zvereva, who demonstrated Tank commander combined sighting and observation complex with domestic thermal channel "Agat-MDT", a tank gunner's thermal sight "Irbis-K", sniper day sights for firearms and other innovations for military equipment.

The creation of "Agatha" will allow the Russian manufacturers of tanks refuse imports of thermal imagers, which had to be installed because of the lack of domestic. Prior to that, export versions of the T-90 had to be installed thermal imaging French company Thales. "Agat" on the stated characteristics are not inferior to him. Now holding "Schwabe", which includes CMH actually closes the gap of these devices.

Russian imager will not only make our tanks independent of foreign components, but will conduct a full tank technology upgrade cycle. In addition, experts believe that the demand for the T-72 and T-90 in the next few years will not be reduced.

According to the CMH, commander Combined sighting and observation complex with domestic thermal channel "Agat-MDT" allows you to detect and identify moving and stationary targets the enemy at a distance of 4 km, measure the distance to the target with a laser range finder and ensure the aimed fire of the cannon and machine guns , which are equipped with tanks.

Holding "Roselektronika" was presented by enterprises "NRI" Cyclone ", CDB PM, the plant" pulsar ", a basic test center certification ECB Rostekhnadzor RNII" Electrostandard. " "CRI" Cyclone "presented modern video surveillance systems, sighting systems, thermal imaging and other nanomaterials for radiation shielding, masking radio-sets provided" Central KB Radiomaterials special. " One of the latest developments KB — nanostructured ferromagnetic microwire in glass insulation. Interest were the heavy-duty lamps factory "Pulsar".

Moscow Design Bureau "Compass" presented a number of its developments, including underwater autonomous mobile robotic device "Glider-T" that can perform various research tasks to carry instrumentation, is movable along a given program. The device is based on modern technologies and materials. KB also provided gadgets for the soldier of the XXI century, the software complex "Information system of the object", a single information navigation and communications systems on the battlefield, the navigation map-plate A-737 PL/07 designed to provide accurate navigation of aircraft at any point in the near-Earth space any time of year and day in all weather conditions.

  • Exposure KB "Compass"
  • Exposure KB "Compass"

Central Design Bureau of Apparatus, part of the holding "High-precision systems" presented automated radio complexes MMDV tubeless to determine the atmospheric parameters in real-time necessary for the benefit of PB and A, and other species and genera of the Armed Forces.

It is planned that the exhibition will be the main venue for the annual demonstration of innovation in the military field, intended to provide technical prevoskhodstva of the Russian Federation in the military field.

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