Rostelecom completed the creation of a single information service in Siberia

"Rostelecom" has completed the process of creating a single information service in Siberia. Contact center, where they take requests from customers from all over the macro-region, is located in Barnaul.

Single point of contact telecom operator was launched in October last year. His first clients were the residents of the Altai Territory, Tomsk, Omsk Oblast, the Republic of Altai and Buryatia. Until the end, the base call-center services have moved Novosibirsk and Irkutsk regions and the Trans-Baikal region. After joining the Kemerovo region, Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia was covered the whole of Siberia.

"The opening of the contact center in Barnaul improved the quality of customer service by centralizing the management process, as well as the increased availability of reference services company", — explained in "Rostelecom".

To date, the largest east of the Urals call-center "Rostelecom" concentrated all the information and referral service of the company: free help desk phone numbers, service for long-distance and international telephone services, corporate information service, etc.

After half a year of work in the contact center handled more than 9,000,000 subscribers. Round the clock center specialists receive an average of 60,000 hits.

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