Rostov — Lokomotiv. An Inside Look

[B] Maxim Ponomarev, spokesman FC "Rostov»: [/ b] — «Rostov" has successfully solved the problem with a return to the Premier League, and now we are going to gain a foothold in the upper echelon of our football and compete for a place in the first Ten standings. In season, the team comes in with a fighting mood, and it has not changed, even when we're having a little problem with licensing. Football players were thinking only about how to better prepare for the national championship, and did not even notice how the problem resolved itself. In the off-season the team has strengthened good — I think the names of Benjamin Mandrykina, Igor Lebedenco and our other newcomers football fans are familiar with. As for the match with the Moscow "Locomotive", he will be wearing some fundamental, because the same Igor Lebedenco not so long ago played for the railroad, and our head coach Oleg Dolmatov trained them. In addition, Rostov has never (!. — Ed.) Did not beat "Loco", and in front of their fans are going to this sad tradition finally interrupted. [B] © «Horn», 20.03.2009 [/ b]

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