Rostov NPP power units at the site number 3 finished testing the polar crane

At the construction site under construction Rostov NPP the main event was held last month in 2012 — the completion of the test the polar crane unit number 3, with which will be installation of heavy equipment in the reactor compartment, including the reactor vessel. Due to the movement of the crane on a circular path of the polar crane is able to perform all loading and unloading operations at any point in the reactor compartment. The next stage — the beginning of a brand new installation of the steam generators at the power unit number 3 of Rostov nuclear power plant. Steam generator — large equipment weighing more than 300 tons, 10 meters long and with a diameter of more than 4 meters. On the power unit with VVER-1000 reactor installed four steam generators through which the heat transfer is produced in the reactor core, the second circuit, which generates steam that feeds the turbine plant. 

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