Rostov — Ural

[Img =] confidently beat his pursuer, "Rostov" more left all its competitors in the struggle for access to the Premier League. And, judging by the results of the game and, Rostov seek early return to the elite. [Cut] Yesterday Rostov fans are divided: some went to the Cup match between SKA and polurezervnym composition "Khimki", and others attended the meeting of leaders of the first division. Interest in the report match fueled newcomers "Rostov" — the best scorer of the first division last season Akimov, who joined a week ago from the "Siberia" and the captain of North Korea's Hong Yong-Jo. It was the tandem of forwards appeared on the field from the outset. The match starts with the attacks of the guests that are already in the 10th minute brought results. Schanitsin breaks free on the right flank into the penalty Gerus, tricks puts the defense on the fifth point and shoots tochnehonko into the far corner — 0:1. However, the shock of the Rostov fans missed the ball does not last long. Kulchiy wins fight with two opponents on the left and make a well thought centimeter transfer to Gitselova should header protivohod Armishevu — 1:1. By the middle of the half Rostov increase the pressure on the opponent, which soon leads to an own goal Urals. After a pass into the penalty captain Rostovites Aspen ball flies into the net gate from the head of the Ural Dubrovin — 2:1. Do not have time to recover the Urals after the second goal conceded as aspen finishes bewildered guests a precise strike into the top corner from the standard. At the break Rostov fans escorted his team standing applause and chants of "Well done!". Trying to change the course of the fight, Pobegalov in the first minutes of the second half, producing a double substitution. That's just the game design does not change. Rostov confidence under their control the midfield and did not give any chance to enjoy the fact that in any way to the point of attack. Guests expect in this situation, there is only a miracle. And one day it just does not happen: after lumbago right Bugaev against the defender substitutes foot hits the far post. Hosts this episode just get excited. Kulchiy put at Ivan, who throws the ball over the goalkeeper. The triumph of the stands stops linesman, fixing offside. Ten minutes before the final whistle, "Rostov" goes to the tactics of "zasushivaniya" game. Not any more massive attacks, instead of them a long rally in the center of the field. But at the very end of the match Substitute forwards novice Dyadyun and leather had to do a major expense, but twice a save the kid.

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