Rostovckie shipbuilders upgraded fifth bunker

ship, etc. 585
ship, etc. 585

JSC "RTSPKB" Stapel "drafted, agreed with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and delivered to the customer project retrofit ship 585 second ave down to increase the level of environmental safety in the operation of the vessel for its intended purpose in accordance with the class, as well as to meet the requirements of the Rules of PMPC 2010 g

This is the fifth project of refitting bunker pr.585 made slipway for the last two years. The first draft of conversion bunker 585 project was completed in 2009. Some of the projects carried out for vessels with class RMRS, part for vessels with class PPP.

The vessel re-equipped second-bottom under the entire cargo area. Wing tanks are kept current and also retrofitted with a second bottom. Feature of the project is that the on-board tanks provides easy transportation of petroleum products. This solution significantly reduce the cost of modernization works on board, as well as to preserve cargo capacity.

When retrofitting the vessel changes in the cargo system in the cargo heating and air system and the measuring tube. The vessel re-equipped the new ballast, drainage system and the exhaust system.

Vessel class remained unchanged: CM * L3R3 oil tanker (> 60? C) (ESP)

Purpose of the vessel — heavy bunkering (? Pr = 1.1) and light (g = 0,82-0,87) fuel marine and river vessels.

Boat load after conversion — 1531 tons. Draft 4.82 meters.

This is the twenty-fourth draft conversion bunker, made slipway lately. Among the completed projects retrofitting 610 Bunker Ave, pr.94, pr.765A, Fin1000 and others also performed a number of projects retrofitting oil barges (such as T-77, etc., etc. P-63, pr.944B).

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