Rostsel’mash launched a technique for harvesting soybeans

In June began selling soy unified headers ZHSU-700 Rostselmash. The first samples of the new technology was released in 2011, has successfully passed the test and now the header "came out to the consumer."

"The record soybean harvests past the Amur region and Primorye accompany the expansion of acreage of the crop — says Director of Regional Sales Artem Greshnov. — Basic requirements farmers — quality and reliable technique that allows to complete the work on time. Header ZHSU-700 have been waiting in these regions. Managers of agricultural enterprises were willing to place orders well before the implementation ZHSU-700 to the beginning of harvesting equip fleet with new soybean reaper.

The complexity of combine harvesting soybeans is the need to mow it at a low shear. Create ZHSU-700 driven by the desire to solve this problem, update and improve the hinged technology for harvesting the crop.

In ZHSU-700 provides two mechanisms for copying surface: the body and headers of the cutting unit. When harvesting soybeans, both mechanisms operate simultaneously.

Maize copies the ground by shoes are installed on the bottom of the housing.

Cutting Bar ZHSU-700 is mounted on spring-loaded lever and can be moved up or down by 50 mm by copying small irregularities of the field. Copy provided by the runners set out under a bar cutting machine. Independent suspension arms and flexible cutterbar can also skirt the irregularities in the transverse direction and to ensure minimum cutting height of 30 mm.

In addition to work with soybeans, soybean harvester unified ZHSU-700 is designed for the cleaning of cereal, leguminous crops in lowland fields with a slope of not more than 8 °. For grain harvesting is possible to work "hard blade" that is, the surface of the body with copying the header, but without copying the cutting unit.

Maize is designed for building-block self-propelled combine harvesters VECTOR, ACROS, TORUM.

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