Rostsel’mash released 10000th harvester ACROS


ACROS harvester was the second car in the lineup today Rostsel'mash. Its mass production was mastered in 2007. That fall, he completely changed the conveyor legendary "Don 1500B."



Along with the new harvester 5th grade in agriculture has come a new level of comfort and efficiency. When you create a model of the designers Rostsel'mash been developed and applied such a unique system like Smart Launch (a maximum speed of unloading hopper with minimal risk of clogging), Jam Control (deep discharge device deck drum prevents clogging of the grain mass), Adviser (first used in combine harvester board informant with a voice message), and a number of other devices that increase the efficiency and productivity of the machine.


ACROS first got a digital code 530. Later machines were produced with the index 540, 560, 580, 590.


Like other machines Rostselmash harvesters ACROS literally made to order: with a different set of options and accessories that take into account regional characteristics and wishes of clients. At this point in the series production is up to 30 variants of the machine.


In the six years since the beginning of its production ACROS became the most popular model among Rostselmash harvesters, both in the domestic market and the markets of other countries. Almost every sixth car that comes from the production line is exported abroad. The main importer of this model combines Ukraine is just shipped to this country of more than 600 cars.


High demand ACROS related to its performance and efficiency. Thus, the federal competition "Best machine Russia" held Rostselmash in 2010-2011, showed that this model combines with the competent Labour Organization machine operators are in a season namolachivat to 8,500 tons of grain.


In addition, comparative trials different levels ACROS shows best results for all the parameters by comparison with competitive models.


A strong position in the market, many machines connected her with a good start. In May, 2007. Archbishop of Rostov and Novocherkassk Panteleimon novelty Rostsel'mash consecrated and blessed the company for its production. In June of the same year, the Russian Field Day after meeting with the work ACROS 530 Vladimir Putin made a sacramental phrase "Combines for Russia are no less important than missiles."

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