Rostsel’mash showed a new grain bin on AgroSalon-2012



Bunker-grain series 1060 — a new model in the product line — made a big impression on the international exhibition "Agrosalon-2012", held from 10 to 13 October 2012 in Moscow.

— During the three days of the exhibition stand of the exposition, which was placed bunker-grain, visited the agrarian market experts from around the world. They expressed a strong interest in the new technology, — said the director of marketing for Rostsel'mash Alex Moshnenko. — The show reached an agreement on the delivery of new technology.

Grain tank Rostselmash harvesters increases productivity by reducing the loss of working time by 30-40%. Debugged the continuous movement of hopper on the field to minimize downtime of combine harvesters. Allows the discharge hopper harvesters without stopping, parallel course of cleaning.

— Hopper capacity 37 cu. m and height (3260 mm) allow you to load grain from combines various modifications, — said Alexei Moshnenko. — This compares favorably hopper grain from analogue, which often can not work with the entire model range combines.

For the convenience of unloading grain provides turn unloading auger filler. The degree of filling of the hopper is determined by the indicator fill the hopper. Lower grain unloading system allows for a 3 minute discharge grain from the silo. Thanks to the special wide wheels reduces the load on the ground, secure the stability of the bunker in any field. With the help of a set of nozzles hopper can be used to load grain or row planters. In the base hopper is equipped with 6-foot unloading auger, rotary sleeve unloading auger and roller with a tarpaulin from the rain.

In the 2012-2013 crop year Rostsel'mash intends to maintain high rates of production trailed and mounted equipment. Rostsel'mash also continue to market new models and types of agricultural machinery and equipment. In the near future the company plans to expand Rostsel'mash lineup, introducing grain hopper capacity of 47.5 cu. meters.

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