Rostsel’mash starts production of combine harvesters on tracks

Plant "Rostselmash", one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, plans this year to produce the first prototypes of modifications combine Vector, which, in particular, will be used in the rice-growing regions, told RIA Novosti on Monday, a company representative.

"Combine feature Vector 450 Track is the use of tracked movements to move on very wet soil. In addition, it will use an independent suspension rollers for smooth running and the combine harvester with a floating cutter bar, "- said the source. Given the characteristics, it is assumed that the processor will be in demand in the Far East of Russia, as well as farms in the south of Russia and Kazakhstan engaged in rice cultivation.

According to the company, first prototype will be released later this year and will be tested in Krasnodar, Rostov and Amur regions.

"Industrial production of the new Vector is scheduled to begin in 2012," — he said, adding that nearly 50% of the first batch are already their customers.

Experts predict that the demand for this model combines exceed 250 units per year.

Previously, the plant did not produce harvesters using crawler movement.

Company "Rostselmash", founded in 1929, is part of the industrial union "New Commonwealth" and occupies 17% of the world market and 65% of agricultural machinery agricultural machinery market in Russia and the CIS. The company produces 17 types of agricultural machinery, more than 100 models and modifications. Implementation of pre-sale preparation and service of machines are made through the largest dealer network in Europe, which is located 500 branches and service centers. The company has established a steady supply in 26 countries, and its technology is working in 44 countries.

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