Rostsel’mash: triumphal test drive

Rostsel'mash Field Days were held in 11 regions of Russia 

For the three months Rostsel'mash managed to cover almost all of the regional agricultural activities and spend 11 days of their own field. The most revealing result of such events was of the bids for the purchase of equipment from farmers who were able to see with their own eyes how evolved the domestic agricultural machinery.

Another important achievement for the company was a series of victories ACROS 580 harvester (Russian foreign cars, as it is called farmers) and high-performance rotary machine of the latest generation TORUM 760. But these victories were forged under the most realistic conditions on the fields in different regions of the vast Russian — during the comparative tests. Competition in the market of agricultural machinery particularly acute for high-performance combine harvesters. Often, agribusiness executives faced with the fact that the objective information about the comparative characteristics of a class of machines is almost impossible to find. Trying to make up for this gap in 2011-2012, when, under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry conducted a comparative test equipment from leading manufacturers. They Rostselmash harvesters have shown excellent results, which have not been made public. That is why many owners have their own agribusiness comparative trials machines to pick out the most suitable technique. However, they do not always make public the results of their research. Did the reason for this is that not all farmers are willing to publicly admit the obvious: technology, created in Russia, not only equal, but in many ways superior to Western models. The tests were carried out within one hour on the fields sown with winter wheat with a yield of 39.21 — 41 quintal per hectare. All the machines were delivered in the same conditions. According to the report on the results of testing of the Russian processor outperformed the other participants on several key parameters. First of all, ACROS 580 showed the best result in performance (16.85 tons of wheat per hour). This is more than the other by 1 — 9%. In the face of rising fuel prices, and it was the most economical on fuel consumption — 7.22 liters per hectare. More power foreign cars has served them a disservice: the smaller capacity forced to burn almost twice as much fuel per hectare. In addition, experts have documented that ACROS lowest losses of grain at harvest — only 0.35 percent, while the other combines were losing by 0.4 — 3%. This has been fixed in the final minutes of agricultural holding. Another demonstration test, the fields in the Orel region of comparative performance tests Harvester TORUM 760 was higher than the machines of Western brands by an average of 19%. Test-drive technology was conducted in the fields of LLC "Orelselprom" GC "Cherkizovo", experts and observers, they were experts Kuban and the Central Black Earth machine-stations.

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