Rostsel’mash updated line of equipment for harvesting soybeans


In mid-August 2011 two prototypes of a new header for harvesting soybeans ZHSU-700, descended from the conveyor plant Rostselmash in July, went to Kuban machine testing center for acceptance and certification tests. Previously, new items have successfully passed factory tests.
"The complexity of combine harvesting soybeans is the need to mow it at a low shear. Create ZHSU-700 driven by the desire to solve this problem, update and improve the hinged equipment Rostsel'mash cleaning of the culture ", — the press-service of the Rostsel'mash.

ZHSU-700 has the ability to accurately replicate the surface of the soil due to special runners set out under a bar cutting machine. Independent suspension arms and flexible cutterbar can also skirt the irregularities in the transverse direction and to ensure a minimum height of 30 mm cut-off plants.
In addition to work with soybeans, soybean harvester unified ZHSU-700 is designed for the cleaning of cereal, leguminous crops in lowland fields with a slope of not more than 8 °. Maize is designed for building-block self-propelled combine harvesters VECTOR, ACROS and TORUM. Serial production ZHSU-700 is scheduled for 2012.

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