RUSAL and GAZ will develop a new technique for the domestic aluminum industry

UC RUSAL the world's largest aluminum producer, announces the launch of a joint project with GAZ Group to create models of new equipment for the aluminum industry. The prototypes will arrive at RUSAL's aluminum smelters in September.


Specialists from the engineering division of GAZ to develop metallurgical machine for punching peel electrolyte in the cell towers for metal, machinery for loading alumina electrolysis plant for cleaning pins. The project is part of the modernization program undertaken by RUSAL in their companies and provides for the introduction of modern technology that aims at automating processes and increasing productivity. The implementation of a joint project with GAZ will allow Rusal to improve the process of production of aluminum from the point of view of its technical security, increase efficiency and reduce production losses. Prototypes of equipment will Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk and Bratsk smelters.
As a result of operation of prototypes will be decided by the necessary amounts of equipment procurement for the needs of all plants. The possibility of production equipment including industrial sites and RUSAL.
Vladislav Soloviev, First Deputy General Director of UC RUSAL, said: "The dynamic development of business is impossible without the creation of a special base. With a team of GAZ we will develop the best design solutions for our plants to create the necessary technology. Part of the manufacturing operations, which do not carry the extra cost will be transferred from manual to mechanized labor, and some — generally excluded from the process. The introduction of a modern, specially designed equipment to companies Rusal will increase the efficiency of the entire company. "

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