RUSAL is launching a new production site in Krasnoyarsk


UC RUSAL, the world's largest aluminum producer, announces the launch of a new production facility in Krasnoyarsk.

Production is organized on the site of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the Engineering and Construction Division of RUSAL under the "Industrial Park" Siberia ".

The purpose of its launch — the development and assembly of heavy bus system for pots of future plants, which are based on the RA-300 and RA-400 — RUSAL's own technology, and then the production of cells themselves.

Industrial Park "Siberia" has all the necessary modern welding, cutting, bending, rolling and milling equipment from leading manufacturers (Miller, Zayer, Ermaksan, Dimeco, Microstep). Capacity of existing equipment can make monthly to 3 million tons of steel and aluminum metal construction and industrial purposes. Now produced work on the launch of these machines.

RUSAL has already started recruitment for new production. This project will not only provide RUSAL plants under construction with modern facilities, but will also create an additional 400 jobs. The first sets of bus-bars will be made in October.

Andrew Volvenkin, director of the Engineering and Construction Division of RUSAL, said: "The resumption of construction of new businesses requires us to develop their own industrial base, taking into account all of the features we have created technologies that will operate the plant under construction.

We already have an impressive record in this field gained in the construction of Khakassia smelter and businesses ALSCON (Nigeria) as well as the modernization of Krasnoyarsk and Sayanogorsk aluminum smelters. "

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