RUSAL launches nepheline slag


 RUSAL announces the development and implementation of technology for production of slag from nepheline nepheline, due to which the consumption of processed sludge will increase by several times. The expected economic effect of the introduction of this development will be more than 100 million rubles a year.

Engineering Technology Center (ETC) RUSAL has developed technology to produce slag from nepheline nepheline by washing with water, regrinding, pressing and drying. Nepheline slag — a product that is widely in demand in the cement and mining industries, as well as in road construction. Specifications nepheline slag can apply to it different from the sludge load code, so the rate will be reduced to its carriage. The technology was developed in the framework of the project "Complex technology of waste-free production of alumina."

 Currently, the working group Achinsk Alumina (PCA), which is the main supplier of sludge are considering a consumption of nepheline slag enterprises, preliminary development of prices and conditions of supply. Shipment of the first batches of nepheline slag on new contracts planned for the third quarter of 2012.

With the increasing consumption of nepheline slag PCA can reduce the amount of storage on the storage nepheline at least twice. Of the 6.34 million tons of nepheline present in sludge warehouse, currently AGC intends to implement almost half, reducing storage costs only by 111.9 million rubles.

"This is new for us to manufacture, but the analysis of the market showed that demand for these products is quite high. We already have a number of agreements with prospective buyers and as a result, confidence in the prospects of the project. Slag is competitively priced material in a variety of industries. Getting nepheline slag — an important step towards zero waste alumina. RUSAL plans to continue working in this direction, "- said the technical director of RUSAL Victor Mann.

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