RusHydro creates four companies for the construction of a new generation in the Far East

The Board of Directors of JSC "RusHydro" approved the participation of the community in the four companies to be created for the implementation of projects for the construction of a new generation in the Far East — JSC "CHP in Sovetskaya Gavan", JSC "Sakhalin-2 power plant", JSC "Yakutsk GRES-2" and CJSC "Annunciation CHP."

The decision was made in order to implement the Presidential Decree 22 November 2012, provides for the introduction of the charter capital of RusHydro budget funds in the total amount of 50 billion rubles to finance the construction of four new power plants.
Four companies with 100% of RusHydro (SAC) will be registered in the Khabarovsk Territory (Sovetskaya Gavan), the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia (Yakutsk), the Amur region (Blagoveshchensk) and the Sakhalin region. These subsidiaries in the construction of new power plants and the Far East power plant will serve the customer, namely configure the package permits, carry out tender procedures for choosing general contractors and equipment suppliers, followed by conclusion of contracts with the winners, control and acceptance of work performed, as well as to ensure delivery of a facility of the state commission.

The initial authorized share capital of each company will be 500 000. In the future, the authorized capital will be increased by subsidiaries and affiliates of additional shares to JSC "RusHydro". Payment will be additional issues, including the target funds received from the state for RusHydro energy development of the Far East. The final size of the share capital of subsidiaries and affiliates will be guided by the prepared construction documents and conclusions Glavgosekspertizy for the cost of construction of each of the objects. Adding funds to the charter capital of subsidiaries and affiliates will be in accordance with the charts of construction and prisoners for the purpose contracts.

To ensure maximum transparency of the mechanism of budget funds between JSC "RusHydro" and OJSC "Sberbank" signed an agreement on banking supervision of the construction of electric power facilities in the Far East, under which each party building (the customer, the customer's subsidiaries and affiliates, the general contractor, sub-contractor) will be open separate bank account for settlement construction and installation, and other contract work. Price and technology audit and compliance analysis of technical solutions implemented project documentation for the construction of each facility will provide an independent engineering company. All payments for completed work will be carried out only in the presence of a positive opinion of the company.

Construction projects of thermal power station in Sovetskaya Gavan, Khabarovsk Territory, the first phase of the Sakhalin-2 power plant, the first stage of the Yakutsk GRES-2, and the second phase of the Annunciation CHP implemented "RusHydro" in order to strengthen the strategic importance for further economic development of the Far East branch — electricity. New energy designed to ensure the growth of generation capacity to meet the growing demand for electricity and heat, to replace retiring capacity of existing power plants and power plant, to create additional reserve capacity and improve the reliability of power supply. The first starting complex of new power plants Far total electrical capacity of over 0.5 GW of thermal capacity and 563 Gcal / h will be put into operation in time to 2016.

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