RusHydro equips the Stavropol Territory playgrounds

Playground RusHydro 

The implementation of the charitable program JSC "RusHydro" "Clean Energy for children Stavropol". At the beginning of April this year, Set 107 playgrounds St. George, Ipatovsk, Grachevsky, Petrovsky, Izobilnenskaya, Krasnogvardejskiy areas of the Stavropol Territory. Ends installation of children's villages in Novoaleksandrovsk, Trunovskogo and Turkmen areas, and then begin to Kochubeyevo, Novoselytsya and Blagodarnenskogo areas of the province. 

The program was launched in the autumn of 2011, when Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod, Governor of Stavropol Territory Valery Gajewski and director of the branch of JSC "RusHydro" — "Kuban power plant cascade" Victor Macheyev opened the first children's playgrounds in the cities of Mineral water and Neftekumsk. Igor Sechin said that the implementation of such projects in the Stavropol region — one of the most important program of socio-economic development of the region.

The program envisages the construction of several hundred children multifunctional platforms in the Stavropol Territory. Characteristics of the site depends on the size of the territory granted, a typical project is a universal children's sports complex.

JSC "RusHydro" leads in the regions where the active social-oriented activities to help the children. The term of the program a total value of 50 million is planned for the end of the first half of 2012. JSC "RusHydro" implementing the project together with the administration of the Stavropol Territory. Delivery playgrounds will be in accordance with approved projects typical local manufacturer.


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