Ruslan Nigmatullin: League — also a big football

[Img =] [i] In an exclusive interview Ruslan Nigmatullin said he believes the transition to the SKA best option, said that for political reasons in He did not have a chance to resume his career in the "Locomotive" and said he would not follow the example of Stanislaus Cherchesova. [/ i] — Is it true that you were on view in the SKA? — No. I do not know where the information went to a viewing. He was not there. I just flew in for talks in Rostov. And now, after discussions, I can say that is close to signing a contract. Tomorrow going to pass medical examination. [Cut] — Do not hurt that will be playing in the first division? — I think the best option for the SKA return to the big football. After all, I adequately assess the situation. Still, I have not played 2.5 years. After a long pause, start to play in the first division — what you need. — And yet: you perceive the option with the SKA as a stepping stone to enter the Premier League club? Or are willing to play here at least until the end of a career? — I'm not going to guess how things turn out. Now I just want my little kontraktik to December "rattle" in full, as it should help the team. So while the problems are local, then you can start thinking about his fate. — You had a substantive conversation with the head coach of SKA? — Of course. Repeatedly communicated with him. — He sees you the undisputed number one, or just one of the candidates for the position of number one? — Of course, I'm interested in how to play. I hope that he is interested in it. But it all depends on how I play. League — not the weakest level. Yesterday, watching the game live, I'm sure of it. Interesting tournament, the guys are fighting, running, scoring beautiful goals. — What was your impression on you SKA infrastructure — the base, the stadium, the organization of work? After all, this is not always all right in the teams first Divisjon … — I just wanted to point out a good environment. And, above all, hospitality. Leadership is trying to do everything to football was only thinking about football, so he was comfortable. In general, household absolutely no problems. — Are not you afraid of the three main problems of the first Divisjon: bad field, long-distance flights and biased refereeing? — I would be scared if I was going to sign a contract with "Ray" from Vladivostok. But now, given how I miss the football, all these problems go away almost on the latest plan. — You have to resume career for another three months ago, but the team found just now — what is that? — You know, in October already banging three years since I'm not playing. And in the world there are very few athletes that after such a long break, which is returned. This is the reason that I do not trust too much in recent months. — And you did not try to offer their services to Rakhimov? Given the problems with the goalkeepers in the "Loco", it's possible you would not someone else come in handy for you to command … — No, it did not offer. Also, when I was training with a double "Locomotive", I immediately made it clear that I do not even counted on no return to the "Loco". For political reasons. Yes, and Rakhimov is now generally fine. Including with the goalkeepers. What he may have a problem if he has five goalkeepers. — Ruslan, if you go back a little bit ago, why do decide to resume a career? — Once a reservation: the main reason is not financial. In monetary sense, I feel confident. I will say more: at the time of my decision to return to football I was a paying job. And the money that I will get the contract in Rostov, much less than the ones I get to resume a career. Therefore, the main reason is that I want to play football. As it turned out, for me, football — the only holiday in life. Like it or not, 18 years in football — big time. — Now you have some specific purpose: for example, to return to a high level and play for one of the leading Russian clubs? Or do you just want a little more to play football? — My main task — to return to the big football. And the First League — also great football. Now it makes no sense to say that I want to play in the Premier League, I want to play in the national team … You have to start from scratch. Still, I did not 20 years. Although, by the way, I feel like a 27. And apparently, I hope so too I look. Recently, doctors have just told me that my biological age — 27. — No worries, after a long break you went wrong, and the fans will not remember games like "Tyrol" and not the most compelling games for SKA … — To avoid this, I will work hard in training. — In general, after all this time do not have any problems: for example, does not feel the ball so well as before? — I'm in the fifth month. Feeling of a ball I got a 1.5 — 2 months. Even when I was on view in Nalchik was in order. — How many are planning to play football — to 40 dotyanet? Or do you want to go back just for a year — two? — I would like to sign a long-term alliance with the football. — After the end of a career, continue to work in football? — It's hard to say. When finished his career, one superimposed on the other, and I do not think I want to again play football. But as you can see, he wanted to. — Can you take the example of Cherchesova and become a coach? — No. Head coach — not my path. Of all goalies rarely make good coaches. Sorry.

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