Russia: Answers to questions information war

The country spends 10 years of oil profits is not known at that! To Delhi people’s money from oil?

— There are no excess profits. We do not Qatar and Saudi sheiks. The average selling price of our oil abroad for two thousandth year is about $ 45 per barrel. It’s just normal, and not wild price. During 2008y year (most profitable), the country sold the oil abroad at $ 160 billion. Source:…t.asp?file=crude_oil.htm.

We are the most obese in the year of oil sold for about $ 1,150 for every citizen of Russia. FOR THE YEAR!

About how much money are these wild. Including on your new iPhone. Explain. The government spent oil revenues on the construction of bridges, factories, and aircraft, as well as public sector wages and those that oil extracted. Those who extracted oil, have come to you, it is very important and useful tool manager of a fitness club (lawyer, massage therapist …). And buy your services. And the money you bought a iPhone. Would not it be oil — would not you iPhone. Of course, you have to for him to do something, it is desirable, of course, something useful. What do you want? To someone else producing oil, and you for the beautiful eyes received for this oil money?

— Where are these new bridges, of which you speak? Do not have them!

— Here they are: the bridge again, two bridge, the bridge three, four bridge

If you dig around 5 minutes in Google, you can find many more. Our goats journalists interested to talk about it. But as soon as one of the built bridges swayed once all the pressure on your ears is …

— Where new plants? Production destroyed!

In Ulyanovsk region has opened a new plant

A new plant of the corporation "Biosphere"

In Tobolsk opened a factory for the production of concrete

I can continue sooooo long.

Here’s a list of additives projects started in August-October 2010go: List

where 58 large projects. Some simple multiplication we get that in the year of crisis lays somewhere in the three projects for each region.

And here is a partial list of productions opened during the summer of 2011 (there are about a hundred something)

— Where are the new hospital?

— Here:











ostobenno rekomednuyu see this:

— It’s all individual cases, but in general the industry finished!

— And can you confirm? Not isolated cases, you do not they want to apply, and the statistics? According to Rosstat, industrial production in Russia accounts for about 40% of GDP and has grown over the past 10 years by about half. Steady growth except two crisis years. Link added later.

— Yes, all the normal people are fleeing the country! They can not be wrong!

— Here are the statistics from Gallup. Researchers asked around the same question: "Would you like to go to live in another country, if you had the chance":

Here is the percentage of those wishing to leave in some countries:

Nigeria: 58%

Colombia: 40%

Moldova: 34%

England: 27%

South Korea: 27%

Germany: 27%

Israel: 20%

France: 18%

Russia: 17%

Japan: 12%

By the way, fun fact: the United States in this list are not available. Of course, there is no censorship in the freest country in the world is not. Just study authors decided not to expend energy on a survey of the public in the United States: it’s obvious that no one in their right mind from the Citadel of Democracy does not want to leave.

— You’re telling me "there are many positive things." Where? Why can not I see Russian goods in stores?

(The user is responsible kasa site, who lives in Krasnoyarsk)

— Because it look bad or wrong.

I will say right now, too, that I see with my own eyes.

Front door-Toreks, Saratov

Tile in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom — Russian (I can not remember the manufacturer, Kirov, like)

Screed under tile — Hercules, Novosibirsk

Rotband on the walls — Knauf, made in Russia

Laminate — Shelehov, Irkutsk

Upholstered furniture — a local furniture company

Mattress — Sarma, Irkutsk =

Orthopaedic foundation under it — a local manufacturer http://www.atribut-mebel….topedicheskie-osnovaniya/

Plastic Pipe — Russia

Shut-off valve — Italy

Mixers — Russia

Bath — BAS, Russia

Boiler Thermex, Russia

Switches, sockets — Turkey

Plastic windows — so clearly

Refrigerator — Biryusa, Krasnoyarsk

Microwave — Samsung, Malaysia

TV — LG, Russia

Baby toys and clothes I buy only Russian.

Shoes — Russia, Italy (Pikolinos love)

Clothes — Russia, Turkey + one thread to another.

The Office — Erich Krause, Russia

From the product:

Eggs — Barkhatovo, Krasnoyarsk

Chicken — Beryozovka, Krasnoyarsk. They are, incidentally, legs Bush really ‘killed’ in our territory.

Bread — Krasnoyarsk bakery

Sausage — a local manufacturer, sometimes Smokes

Milk — Beryozovka or Nazarov. All sorts vimbildany not take it.

Meat — local, there is no Brazil.

Has its own brewery — Pikra. Which, however, Baltika bought recently. Produces both beer and gaz.vodu. Including the "Flash" — local pride. Real competitor Bern and other redbulov. 0.5 of Bern is a 70r. L "Flash" — 35-40p.

Just excellent "soda" is produced in Abakan and Minusinsk (Khakassia)

Distillery is also available, votki complete.

Apples prefer Krasnodar, even though they are unsightly to look at.

Pasta, cereals — McFee, Russia

"Cucumbers, Tomatoes" — with Teschin garden for the most part.

Moreover, recently even "dig up" the plant for the production of consumables for my pepelatsa — also Russian. Shaw happy — prices several times lower, and the quality is not worse (at least what I took) — Citron They have to be extremely adequate, in my understanding, the price of consumables.

— We zhrem Chinese cucumbers and tomatoes, the Brazilian meat etc.

— And we do not zhrem (although they are on the shelves, of course). It was always interesting to know that you have them, forcibly stuffing?

You do not really no alternative?

Never answer two questions:

— PutinMedvedev work for world government! + Yes, almost nothing has been done for 10 years!

eculate for Putin. Here he came to power in early 2000. I remind the general situation. The country is teetering on the brink of collapse:

— Chechnya under the control of militants, they are hard climb in Dagestan. Stepashin was crying in the State Duma that Dagestan we’ve lost

— In almost all regions of the country have laws that directly conflict with federal law. In Tatarstan and Bashkortostan seriously discussed sovereignty. Even on the Urals republic it comes.

— Former Soviet republics of natural partners and allies quickly turns into a "sanitary cordon", stuffed with NATO bases

— Tax collection at zero

— Industrial production fell apart almost

— A demographic situation is close to irreversible

— Almost all state employees get as much to barely make ends meet

— In Moscow at Government House knock helmets miners, even months without receiving their meager wages. Pensions are also not paid for six months or more, as the collection of taxes at zero

— The army demoralized virtually endless war in which betray their own generals, and which, as it seemed, it is possible to finish just after leaving Chechnya

— We owe a great debt to the IMF, the World Bank, "Paris Club" and someone else out there …

— Most of the resources, or under the control of private companies (only Sibneft and Yukos for two controlled, according to various estimates, from 40% to more than half of our resources) from which the taxes are not normally going to or under the control of foreign companies which do a penny is not questioned (urgent google on Production Sharing Agreements). Sibneft and Yukos prepare the sale of assets abroad

— The country is not self-sufficient in food

Nothing seems to be of strategic importance not forgotten.

The question is — that in this situation it is necessary to make Putin, if he works for a world government?

Nothing. Sit exactly on the priest for almost all that is necessary has been done. The only concern — to maintain the system in its current state, that came to a complete chaos and revolution.

Now count up what to do if Putin is working against these characters.

Once again, it does not claim to truth and all that is written — just my personal view of the situation.

Items are listed in order of importance, and therefore, in that order, and I tried to act, it appear suddenly on the site of the President of Russia in 2000.

1. Gain control over the entire country.

2. Get rid of external dependence

3-4. Return to the state control over resources

3-4. Provide protection from external threats, including food security

5-6. Restart the industry

5-6. Raise the standard of living of the population to an acceptable

8. Regain control of the near abroad

9. Begin to develop their natural competitive advantages and through them bring the country into a world leader in terms of politics and economy and the standard of living of the population

10. And only after that in my plan there are new roads, fighting corruption, improving Topic Options life transforming in-laws, the creation of their cars and everything you need for gaming and rosta.A now I will list the same items, just under the objectives put the real work of our government over the last 10 years. I try to mention that in the main case at the hearing. Links are not put where you want to bet or just need proof — do not be shy, ask them))).

1. Gain control over the entire territory of the country:

— Staged a "clean-up" of Chechnya, including hands have switched to our side of the rebels.

— One of the first actions was to create districts with the authorized representatives of the President

— Regions forced to bring its legislation into conformity with the federal

— "Equidistance oligarchs"

— Governors were elected. were appointed by the Kremlin

2. Get rid of external dependence.

— All the debts of the IMF, the World Bank and the "Paris Club" had been given, new loans they had taken

3-4. Return to the state control over resources

— Production sharing agreements reviewed, state-owned companies after the revision gets more than 50% of the shares of mining companies

— Case "YUKOS", after which it gets the assets of state-owned companies

— "Sibneft" bought by Abramovich to the state

— As a result of these actions increased world oil prices, which gave additional opportunities for future settlements

3-4. Provide protection from external threats, including food security

— Currently Russia is already providing themselves with the necessary products. import, available now, is not critical and can if necessary be easily replaced by domestic production

— Improved combat readiness of the army, is upgrading and reformatting it to modern challenges, most importantly — are developed and put into service new intercontinental ballistic missiles, as well as on the territory of Russia built a new radar station for missile attack (instead of destroyed on the territory of the former republics, or at the hands of NATO )

5-6. Restart the industry.

In fact, Google and Plants, bridges, all the cases …

5-6. Raise the level of the population to an acceptable

Pensioners in the trash I do not see delays of wages either. The military did not beg.

8. Regain control of the near abroad

— "Gas war" with Ukraine, the total discrediting of the pro-American Yushchenko, receiving instead a neutral Yanukovych

— "Peace enforcement" of Georgia, as a result of destroyed grouping into which NATO nemerenoe invested money and five years of coaching. Georgia is a serious danger is no longer a

— A customs union with Belarus and Kazakhstan, gradually bringing to life oborzevshih Lukashenko

9. Begin to develop their natural competitive advantages and through them bring the country into a world leader in terms of politics and economy and the standard of living of the population.

— Construction of the "Nord Stream", preparation for construction of the "South", the construction of a gas pipeline to China

— The active development of the space industry

— The active development of nuclear energy

— Development of new weapons

Next you need to look at many current affairs, because, in my opinion, we are just at the beginning of this phase. There is not clear where to look for the present it is very difficult to assess. Personally, I can not pinpoint the ultimate goal or predict the result of the majority of the current actions of the authorities. Analyze after the fact still all right, but forecasts — not my thing at all.

— Yes, in Russia one bribery! Without bribes step without stepping!

— Look here: Foundation "Public Opinion"

The link — the report in PDF on the results of the poll. What I found interesting.

Q: Have you personally in the last year or two so that any public servant (official) asked or expected you to informal payments, service for their work?

2200 us. points, 74 the subject of the Russian Federation, 54 400 (!!) of respondents

Date of research: 27maya-15iyunya 2008


yes, 35% experienced

No, not experienced 60%

Do not know 5%

Date of study: 2-24 February 2011


yes, 18% experienced

No, not experienced 79%

Do not know 3%

What’s funny — the results of the same survey the number of people who believe that
the corruption we have a large and growing all the time, high — about 45% of respondents believe that corruption is increasing, 37% said they did not change and 80% believe that it is in the country very, very high.

That is, the average man in the street has recently come across corruption, but he also CAM Navalny said that stealing continuously.

And now guess — what part of the survey and in what form shall be made available to the public by our journalists? That’s right, "82% of Russians believe that corruption is unprecedented in the country does not change or grow."

Vote: who for the mass shootings of journalists? I — FOR!

— Come on, we all know that in Russia are stealing as much as anywhere else in the world!

— In the "civilized countries" stealing incomparably greater. For example, the U.S. military stole $ 6 billion in transit to Iraq.

Also, it is to give money to the Russian MPs for the adoption of necessary laws is a matter of corruption. In the West, this procedure is considered to be a legitimate and fair and democratic. It’s called lobbying. In fact, they have legalized their corruption and is now proud that they have allegedly not her …

— Although one official for taking bribes planted?

— More than 2.8 thousand officials for 6 months convicted of corruption.

— Convicted 19 generals

— Another Look here

— Yes we have not built the road and can not be repaired at all!

— Here is the schedule of public roads in the country 1991-2008 … Comments?

— Yeah, and how much on these roads sawed? We kilometer road stands as a collider, many times more than in the rest of the world!

— I’m sorry, you have once again lied. People who shout so, when comparing the cost usually take one lane kilometers of European roads, but still without land and communications, that is, net of the roadway. And compared to the full cost of a kilometer of road in Russia, along with communications and Earth.

Read it here, there is painted in detail who and how to lie and manipulate numbers.

— Are you trying to say that everything is fine, no problems, and the authorities are white and fluffy?

— I want to say that everything is normal. Such that they should not have any problems do not happen anywhere else.

But that’s a very, very many of the issues that were yelling all around, or sucked from a finger or now settled and have a clear positive trend.

And I want to say that before criticizing a good idea to dig in search engines and most think of ways to solve. To blunt the power to specify the shortcomings, many do not mind.

The opposition and critics — those who offer a specific set of actions to address specific problems.

A rabble screaming "svoboduhodorkovskomu, banduputenapodsud, vlastipilyatbyudzhet and hvatitkormitkavkaz" is not the opposition, and the fifth column.

The role of such an "opposition" stigmatizing disadvantages of power, can easily perform alone my 88-year-old grandfather.

— Yes, we are dying a million people a year! Demographics terrible!

— The birth rate in Russia:

1990 — 13.4 births per 1,000 people

1995 — 9.2

1999 — 8.3

2005 — 10.2

2010 — 12.5

I recommend to read the fine text "Russia is no longer dying," debunks many of the myths out there about our demographics.

Well, infant mortality to the heap:

In Russia in 1990 at the age of one year died 23 baby of thousands, and up to five years did not survive 27.

In 2008, these figures dropped by half — to, respectively, 12 of the thousands of newborn to 13 years, and thousands of children under five years of age.

— And the prices? They are growing day by day, for communal already pay nothing!

— Here’s inflation figures under Putin. In 2011 there will be about 6.5%. For comparison, in the UK inflation of 4.5%.

Moreover we drops and they grow.

At the same time let’s count on the fingers.

The average Russian salary 1999 — 1600 rubles, the average pension — 450 rubles.

Now the average salary of 22,000, the average pension — 8000.

Total — wages rose by about a factor of 14, the pension is almost 18 times.

Compare with the prices.

A loaf of bread.

1999 — 2.5 rubles, now — 20 rubles. Height 8 times.

Kilo doctoral sausage.

1999 — 30 rubles, now — 240 rubles. Height 8 times.

The rest of the food went up about the same — 6-10 times.

Let me remind you, pensions for the same period increased by 18 times, the salaries of 14.

Gasoline A-95.

1999 — 8 rublitr, now 28. Growth in 3.5 times.


Square meter in Nizhny Novgorod (I’m in it prices for these years do know, as we moved through the sale nachel in 2000 and in 2010), not in the center and on the outskirts.

1999 — 10000 rkv.metr, now 40,000 rkv.metr. Growth in 4 times.

Household appliances fell relative to income is very strong, in ’99 the cheapest mobile phone was worth the average salary — 1500 p, now you can buy a cell for 800 p. Imported stiralka, laptop (any), flat screen TV — all in ’99 were luxuries, and now has become the norm.

Clothes — Dunno, I do not remember how much cost in ’99 new shoes or shirts and pants, but I do not think that went up.

The only thing that gives this well proportioned series — communal. It has grown to approximately 15 times (in different regions in very different ways). It’s almost on par with the growth of wages, but pensions still rose more than utilities.

— A budget deficit?

— What’s wrong with a small budget deficit? Let’s look at an example. You’re in the last month earned 30,000 rubles, of which 25 have spent and put 5 in the stash.

This month you are planning to earn 35 thousand and spend 35.5 (all earned nest egg plus of 500 rubles). Your budget deficit this month — 500 rubles, or 1.42% of the budget. Do you see something scary in this situation? I do not.

That’s when under Yeltsin’s budget deficit amounts to tens of percent, and was covered by zalezaniya in debt to the West — yes, that was a disaster.

By the way, our nest egg — it’s stabilization fund, if heard of that. For more details on how it differs from gold and foreign exchange reserves and is stored as I wrote here:

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