Russia. Barclays Premier League. Round 2 FC Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) — FC Lokomotiv

[Cut] 90 +7′ Yesterday "Kuban" for the first time in the history of the defeated "Spartacus," today "growth" was very, very close to meeting the first time in 31 victory over the "Loco", but no luck this time. In the end, both teams are rather unhappy with the result, trust Rashid Rakhimov hardly expected to gain 2 points at the start of the championship with this calendar, and "growth" is simply a shame to miss a victory that was almost in his hands. With you was Dmitri Shahs. Until next time.

90 +7′ Rakhimov: I would not say that we snatched a draw. Our problem is that we have the second game in a row do not realize moments we create, if we at least some part implemented, it would be easier. No claims to the players, they fought to the last second. Create a lot of chances, but we can not implement them. "

90 +7′ Dolmatov: "Some sad that in stoppage time conceded a goal. But on the whole, looked good.’s Fair to say that at the moment," Locomotive "was more. Very much like to put the squeeze on, so sat down in the end."

90 +7′ Many teams have played only in the seventh minute of added Sukhina publishes the final whistle.

90 +6′ David Mudjir another penalty against the rough Gatskana David played.

90 +6′ "Locomotive" continues to push, hard bounces "growth." The corner.

90 +4 Gerus shows Sukhin finger that knocked him. A podium loudly chanting the orientation of the judge, who they believe goal had to cancel because of the attack on the goalkeeper.

90 +3′ Denis GlushakovGOOOOOOOOOOL! In the last seconds, "Lokomotiv" save the game. Simple prostrelchik from the right flank ended in failure at the center of the home, Hlushakou was the right time in the right place at close range scoring the ball.

90 +1′ After another throw into the penalty got Gerus, now he was getting help.

90’Sergey KuznetsovKuznetsov instead.

90’Aleksandr KulchiyMenyaet Dolmatov Kulchiy.

89’Na "first floor" Muscovites again lost the fight.

89’Udar Mujiri from a distance, but what is dangerous! With barely moved the ball to the corner Gerus.

89’Gruzyat ball towards the players, "Loco." It does not end.

86’Esche moment Loco Gerus twice rescued her. In addition, it fouls Falla.

85’Tem time coaching bench erupted in "heated debate" between Dolmatov and Rakhimov. Rashid even restrain reserve referee, so very busy he was shouting in the direction of a coach winning team.

Diniyar 84’Prekrasny moment, after a pass Glushakova, but once again let him down implementation.

82’Dmitry AkimovPoyavlyaetsya Akmiov straight from the tin.

82’Mersudin AhmetovichUbiraet forward Dolmatov.

82’David MudzhiriVyshel Mujiri in the first round on the contrary — Torbinskiy replaced Mujiri.

82’Dmitry TorbinskiyOt harm’s way removes Dmitry Rakhimov.

81’Absolyutnogo Petrovic left one on the flank, Branimir even had time to look back on the side, not whether he is caught offside. True canopy had failed.

80’Neudachnaya feed, Rostov rushed to the counter, but it ended unaddressed transfer Petrovich.

80’Uglovoy earned the visitors, Torbinskiy submits.

79’Torbinsky so even before the red card finish badly … Not the first time played hard, already having a credit card.

78’Sumatoha in the box owners and somehow they still got out.

77’Bilyaletdinov struck, but his shot hit the players of "growth." Senegalese at this time for some reason got offside.

75’Baye Jib Fallot released the long-awaited Falla, a look that will show in the Senegalese his 15-minute debut.

75’Tomislav Dujmovic here and replacement. Takes away from the field "opornika" Rakhimov.

74’Horoshaya promising attack "Locomotive" does not end there.

73’Oleg KuzminGrubovato played Kuzmin, Sukhina showed him a yellow card.

72’Gatskan shot on goal from a distance by.

70’Petrovich free kick from the flank, Rodolfo won the fight.

70’A Rashid Rakhimov yet still does not change anything in my team …

68’Kulchy shot from 25 yards, not bad, but still by.

67’Torbinsky struck from a distance, far above the gate. Now, just before their partners have to apologize.

64’Dmitry TorbinskiyNu how Torbinskiy without complaining? Roughly in the center of the field, he rolled under Petrovic, then still apologized, but the yellow card it did not save him.

62’Maksim AstafevVmesto it appeared Astafev.

62’Igor LebedenkoPod cheering crowd dismissed former player "Locomotive."

61’Zharko was in the home at the time of the penalty corner, but Gerus played confidently.

60’S right flank shot at Glushakova Odemwingie, who struck in touch, but the ball touch of a defender, went to the corner. In the first half ended with the same combination hit the post.

59’Tomislav DuymovichNervnichayut players "Locomotive" unjustifiably violate the rules. Midfielder guest receives a card.

58’Standart the hosts ended with nothing interesting.

57’Denis GlushakovNe first foul Glushakova, the sum of violations gives him a yellow card Sukhina.

56’Gol scored a "locomotive", but Sukhina it does not count! Frankly, it is not clear why, apparently for offside …

54’Prostrel from the right flank to Sychev, who still falling stabbed, but Gerus perfectly picked and took the position of the ball. Rakhimov ran to the touchline, and appeals to the referee, they say, was a penalty!

52’Gerus, playing at the exit, dropped the ball, but no one was punished.

51’Glushakov made a pass at Sychev, who got the ball tried to beat a defender, but at this point in his high-risk subcategory knocked the ball Kulchiy. At this time, one is in the area was Odevmingie.

50’Snachala failed "Loco" attack the left flank, and then on the right have not been able to create.

48’Cherez himself tried to break Lebedenco were highly candle, which quietly took Cech.

46’Piter falls in the penalty area, but only because of his own awkwardness. In addition, he was caught offside.

46’Oboshlis no changes coaches, begins the second half.

46’A here and the hosts at the cheering crowd appeared on the field.

46 ‘"Locomotive" is already on the field.

45 +2′ Completed the first half. It was a couple of moments of the guests, there were a couple of moments and the hosts, the game is basically equal. But "growth" was able to realize his chance, and "Locomotive" no. Interesting to see now whether Rashid Rakhimov to change something in the game of his team.

45 +1′ Fought in the penalty Bilyaletdinov and heroically managed to make a pass … into the hands of Gerus.

44’Neopravdanno ventured to protect Yanbayev and almost brought the second goal of his team.

44’Shtrafnoy struck "Loco." Torbinskiy hung on Rodolfo, a Brazilian partner to throw the ball but could not.

42’Snachala Odemwingie throws-keeper, and in the next attack, no one responded to Bilyaletdinov pass and the ball rolled out alone for the front line.

40’Bolelschik on the field … For a long time trying to catch him …

40’Branimir PetrovichGOOOOOOL! The failure on the right of defense, "Loco", Gatskan into the box and rolled under attack Petrovich. Branimir was accurate.

39’Snova, as in the first round, "Loco" could not miss from a corner. With some difficulty, but were repulsed.

38’Lebedenko hung from the right flank, Yanbayev not let the ball get to the Gatskana, knocking him out of bounds.

35’Igor LebedenkoNa half of the field, "Locomotive" Lebedenco rough tackle by Rodolfo and immediately received a deserved yellow card.

34’Dostoyny answer hosts was confusion at the gate "Loco", but Lebedenco from the vantage point could not score, and later revealed that he was caught offside.

33’Kak dangerous! One of the defenders of the "growth" almost scored an own goal, and Gerus, reflecting the impact of the partner, first let the ball away from you and at the last moment after all fixed.

32’Prervali Rostov Odemwingie cross — corner.

31’Poteryali ball in the middle of the field visit. Akhmetovich the courage to strike from 25 yards and Cech is not easily tipped the ball.

29’Odnogo on the right flank left Yanbaeva, who sweep aside Odemwingie, a Nigerian with a Russian passport a bit of getting to that.

28’Vo Peter got out of the game.

25’Sychev got the ball on the outskirts of the penalty and the second touch shot, the ball on a foot above the crossbar.

24’Gatskan 1 1 Yanbaeva was on the wing, but the canopy was knocked out first in the selection was good and Petrovic shot on goal.

23’Tut also lost the ball, and the guests had to foul. True to successfully play the standard in Rostovites again failed.

22’Kulchy hung badly, Cech easily intercepted the pass.

19’Krasivuyu started a combination Dujmovic and Odemwingie, but did not become effective spectacular applauded each other footballers guests.

18’Posle hitting the ball out from the wall for a corner.

18’Torbinsky right before your eyes Sukhin pushed Slivich, the referee gives a free, up to 25 meters wide.

17’Prinimaya ball, hand himself played up the captain, "Locomotive". Sukhina saw it all.

16’Vovremya Cech jumped out of the gate and at the last minute ahead of the attacker, "growth", knocking the ball over the side.

14’Aktiven Dujmovic in the first minute, but in the last episode, he took a shot from the front line. Last minutes pass with a tangible benefit.

13’Shtrafnoy from the left flank performed Bilyaletdinov canopy flew a few feet above the highest recipients.

11’SHTANGA! Odemwingie got the ball on the wing and made a thin Glushakov passed the ball, he is very powerful shot, there was no chance Gerus saved the rod.

9’Lebedenko struck from the penalty, is not dangerous.

8’Duymovich shot from a distance, more dangerous ricochet shot did Gerus scooped up the ball.

6’Poluchil Torbinskiy ball into the penalty area, but very cool pushed the defenders of "growth", allowing the ball to roll out over the front. After that Odemwingie someone utters something hard.

6’Petrovich hung from the left flank into the penalty "Loco," Basha knocked the ball.

4’Pervaya attack railroad does not complete.

3’Vybil ball defender Muscovites, first in the selection was Sukhina, but the referee hit the gate of the guests did not dare.

2’Duymovich broke the rules, now hosts will ship the ball into the penalty area.


0’Vash commentator — Dmitry Shahs.

0’Match begins with a minute of silence in memory of who died yesterday, chief editor and founder of "Sport-Express" Vladimir Kuchma.

0’Glavny match referee — Stanislav Sukhina.

0’U "Locomotive" no Dyuritsy (injured) and Mujiri. Dyuritsy Kuzmin took place, and instead play Mujiri Torbinskiy.

0’Komandy already on the field. Captains Bilyaletdinov and Circassian raise the Russian flag. Plays a hymn.

0’Po two changes in the composition of both teams. In "growth" does not come out to play in the first round Maxim Astafev and Hong Yong-Jo, the latter was removed during a match with "Amkar". Today, instead they will play Dusan Andjelkovic and former player "Loco" Ior Lebedenco.

0’Zapasnye "Locomotive": Levenets, Mujiri, Sharles, Fall, Kocsis, Kambolov, Ivanov.

0’Zapasnye "growth": Hoth Astafev Akimov, aspen, Kuznetsov, Zivanovic, Lapin.

0’V match youth team "Lokomotiv" at a party beat "growth." Goals: Fomin, 48 (0-1); Piliev, 78 (0-2).

0 ‘"Boxing" invites you to the translation of a text match of the second round of Russian Championship "growth" — "locomotive". Both teams finished the first meetings in a draw, leaving, in general, not a bad experience. But both teams, as they say, there is still work to do. Yesterday’s visit to a Moscow team "south" has ended in defeat, will be able to repeat the feat of Rostov neighbors from Krasnodar, we learn today after the match, which starts at 19:00.

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