Russia. Cup. Quarter finals. FC Lokomotiv (Moscow) — CSKA (Moscow)

[Cut] 90 +3′ In this, perhaps, everything. Once again I apologize for the technical problems due to which early in the match broadcast "act up." For you worked Anton Tretiak. Good luck! 90 +3′ Yes, in the end, "Loco" could translate the game into overtime, but perhaps it would not be quite logical. Play football a few minutes and get a chance in overtime — Today football god of this option for the "Locomotive" is not provided. 90 +3′ Sychev is on the shock position and hits the crossbar! This is the moment! 90 +3′ Tomislav Dujmovic third yellow card of the match. 90 +1′ dangerous blow Bilyaletdinov, but Akinfeev takes the ball tightly. 89 ‘Moussa Maazou already proved himself forward out on the field instead of colleagues on the line. 89 ‘Tomas Necid did his job. 89 ‘Razvan Kocsis third rated striker. 89 ‘Denis Glushakov And another tactical substitution … 89 ‘Alexander Minchenkov Young and really neobstrelyannogo striker produces Rakhimov. 89 ‘Renat Yanbayev Rakhimov only remains how to go for broke. 89 ‘Necid, of course, scored and all that, but with the reception of the ball he has a problem … 87 ‘Kuzmin too clever by half. For a moment, opened a little area where the defender of "Loco" and rushed, but instead to direct strike, the player is removed on the backswing rival and even tried to pass the ball. Barely. 85 ‘Krasic again solos on the right, put in another penalty and the selection is the first Yuri Zhirkov, but his shot is inaccurate. 85 ‘Zico has not used any replacement. 83 ‘Feed and the ball gets to Rodolfo from which goes to the front line. 83 ‘The referee awarded a corner, although the army team with this decision, do not agree. 80 ‘CSKA very firmly in control of the match. 77 ‘David Mujiri Instead, another footballer, but the midfielder. 77 ‘Baye Djiby Fall has not proved legionnaire. 75 ‘Home corner and goalkeepers show his ability to play at the output. 73 ‘Penalty at the gate "Loco." CSKA Moscow is trying to hang, but there surely play "Locomotive". 72 ‘Necid lies on the lawn, Rodolfo not in a friendly way cool with the Czech. 71 ‘Dmitri Sychev on the right wing takes the ball — the referee fixes handball. After that striker very sharply expressed his displeasure linesmen. Semberas recently deleted for such emotions … 69 ‘Just a few unpleasant situations arose at the gate Akinfeev during this time, but while CSKA defense confidently cope with the activity of "Loco." 64 ‘Dangerous moment at the "Loco." Almost the first in the match. But Akinfeev intelligently selects the position and reflects the impact of Bilyaletdinov. 64 ‘Alan Dzagoev here without question to the judge. Alan rough play. 61 ‘Milos Krasic Krasic falls in the box and the referee think that picture. Although it seemed that Milos just stepped on the ball and was not going to pretend. 60 ‘Our forecast was justified. On a leisurely game CSKA certainly stronger … 57 ‘Very good attack turned out at CSKA. Krasic famously went into the passage, gathered around three defenders and elegantly rolled slightly to the right Necid, who was all alone and calmly shot countryman Cech. 57 ‘Tomas Necid GOOOLL! Necid opens the scoring! 56 ‘Bilyaletdinov shoots from the left flank, but the CSKA defense while playing carefully. It is said that one forward, "Loco" was in this episode against three defenders army. 55 ‘That’s "Loco" attacks, but the ball was cut with Kuzmina feet and flew far away from the gate. 54 ‘Speaking of reserves to enhance the game, then Zico, perhaps richer choice. The move could increase Maaziah if you have to strengthen the middle of the field, that is Rahimic and Semberas, in defending any position can play Aleksei Berezutski. 53 ‘standard feed from the right flank from Dzagoev — right into the hands of Cech. 51 ‘Kuzmin from the left flank into the penalty area gave the partner, but everything is shut off. 50 ‘After filing with the corner of the field Cech misses the ball, but the projectile bounced as to where there was no one from the army. Lucky. 50 ‘Zhirkov being surrounded by three opponents still shot from the left flank and earned a corner. 48 ‘also started slowly and the second half. If things go well, because CSKA score. You need something to think Rakhimov, I think. 47 Substitutions like yet. Let us recall once more the spare. Spare "Locomotive": 1. Levenets, 17. Sennikov, 20. Dyuritsa, 10. Mujiri, 16. Sharles, 25. Kocsis, 45. Minchenkov. Spare CSKA: 33. Anointed, 6. Aleksei Berezutski, 2. Semberas, 21. Kalouda, 25. Rahimic, 8. Ryzhov, 12. Maaziah. 46 ‘The second half is underway! 45 +2′ All completed the first half. 45 +1’ Basha lying on the lawn. Taken away from the field on the electric vehicle. 45 ‘Aldonin attack through Cech, but misses the target. 44 ‘something with the execution of p CSKA today. Zhirkov from the penalty shot is too high. It all started with the fact that the defenders of "Loco" tried to beat through the center … 42 ‘firecracker exploded in the stands, Zico already jumped in surprise. Yeah, it’s hard to get used to it. 41 ‘CSKA again has a dangerous attack. Zhirkov and mom is the one with the left leg trying to break into the near corner on my own. At some centimeters missed the ball with the goal post. 37 ‘Fall gets in a header from a difficult situation, we had to deflect the striker and in many ways so the impact of just will not work. 35 ‘Dangerous attack Sychev with harmless finale. Beat Dmitry did not test for Akinfeev. 33 ‘Lie down on the lawn had to Ivanov, but the midfielder returned to the field. 31 ‘CSKA added sharply, and in a short time has created just three chances to score. Than answers, "Loco"? 27 ‘Canopy Ignashevich free-kick, good header Berezutski and an excellent save of Cech. While dragging a goalkeeper, "Loco" all the balls. 23 ‘And another point in Necid, but Tomasz more than once it was clear that he had not scored the first try. This time, his head hitting Czech. 22 ‘Necid had a fine time to score but his shot is too inaccurate Czech striker after a ball. 21 ‘Very strong and accurate beats Ignashevich from afar, but Cech hits a ball. The corner. 20 ‘We apologize for the technical problems, which were due to disruption of translation. 19 ‘comprehension of the ball on the way out Sychev, but Akinfeev get to the ball first. 16 ‘It is not exactly succeed in the attacking both teams. 13 ‘Akinfeev near knocks, it picks Kuzbmin and an effort on goal. Inaccurate. 12 ‘Shot from Yanbaea free kick, but the ball hits the wall of someone and goes to the corner. 10 ‘Substitutes "Locomotive": 1. Levenets, 17. Sennikov, 20. Dyuritsa, 10. Mujiri, 16. Sharles, 25. Kocsis, 45. Minchenkov. Spare CSKA: 33. Anointed, 6. Aleksei Berezutski, 2. Semberas, 21. Kalouda, 25. Rahimic, 8. Ryzhov, 12. Maaziah. 8 ‘first shot on goal Akinfeev, CSKA goalkeeper but not in deeds. Hlushakou missed the target. 4 ‘If we talk about the losses, the CSKA today do not play the Brazilians Carvalho and Wagner, and "Loco" no Odemwingie and Torbinskiy. 1 ‘Let’s go! 0 ‘Welcome! "Boxing" offers an online broadcast quarterfinal match of the Cup of Russia, which will meet the capital’s "Locomotive" and CSKA Moscow. More recently, the rivals have met each other in the championship and win it 4-1 CSKA won.

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