Russia defeated Brazil in the final of the Intercontinental Cup Beach Soccer

Russian second consecutive year she won the Intercontinental Cup. In the final of the prestigious international tournament with a score of 7:4 was defeated by Brazil's national team.

Russian national team footballers have left his opponent no chance of success. Our team was in the lead 5-0, but in the end the match played in keeping accounts and took the cup.  



The first real chance to score Brazilians got the ball but miraculously missed the gate Russians, and in response to the attack Alexey Makarov scored. Then Yegor Shaikov gone from the defender and shot into protivohod goalkeeper, and at the end of the first third of the match as he scored the third goal after the ball throw. 


On the 4th minute of the second segment of the meeting Yegor Shaikov chipped the ball over the goalkeeper. Then the Brazilians could have scored from the penalty spot, but Andrew Buhlitsky parried and a minute Shaikov implemented a similar standard — 5:0.

Brazilians scored his goal a minute before the whistle at the break thanks to Fernando, but in response to the attack, Dmitry Shishin struck a good ball into the top corner from the opposite flank — 6:1.

At the beginning of the third 12-minute for the error in the defense of Brazilians punished Alexei Makarov, then Anton Shkarin corrected the ball into his own net after hitting Fernando.

At the end of the game cut the lead with Bruno Malesh, and for 13 seconds before the final whistle Andre scored from the penalty spot, after which the referee gave the victory of the Russian team.

Recall that in the semi-finals of our players coped with a team of Nigeria, in the match for third place lost to the hosts of the championship — the UAE national team.

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