Russia expands gas exports to Asia

  • Sakhalin liquefied gas tanker japan japan Russia
  • Sakhalin liquefied gas tanker japan japan Russia

Russia expands gas exports to the Asia-Pacific region. This year, sixteen additional parts of liquefied natural gas will be supplied to power companies in Japan as part of the project "Sakhalin-2"

Capacity of the plant on Sakhalin Island is ten million tons per year. It's about five percent of the world production of liquefied gas. Through this project, Russia managed to enter the club of world exporters. Today, the demand for gas in Asia continues to grow, so the plant needs to be expanded through the construction of the third stage, the governor of the Sakhalin Region Alexander Horoshavin. An additional amount of gas — and it is five million tonnes — will be in demand, the president of the Union of Russian Oil and Gas Gennady Schmal:

"Customers can be quite a lot, especially this is Japan, especially given the events at nuclear power plants" Fukushima. "Today, Japan is one of the major importers and LNG, accounting for over a third of all trade in liquefied natural gas. But now she takes him from afar: from Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia. therefore located near the third turn can meet the demand. So an increase of five million tons of Japan "swallow" and did not even have enough gas. Next — Republic of Korea, in the future — China. "

Experts estimate that by 2020, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to double the demand for liquefied natural gas. And Russia's Gazprom, part of the project "Sakhalin-2", is building its eastern gas export policy with that in mind. Bet on the increase in sales in the neighboring Russian country allows the company to reduce transit risks, and expand into new, not available for pipeline supplies, markets, expert said the Foundation "Institute for Energy and Finance"Sergei Agibalov:

"The Russian gas to the European market, there are some difficulties, because the pipeline supplies are tied to a basket of oil products. Develops spot trading. So there is competitive pressure. Asian supply, especially in Japan and Korea — a few other market, prices here are very different from American and European market. And here is Gazprom itself is free to choose the terms on which to enter. "

Russian gas is quite competitive when compared with the fuel is produced in other countries, because it has the normal sales price and low cost, said Gennady Schmal:

"If you compare the cost of building such a plant, as in the project" Sakhalin-2 ", for example in Australia or Malaysia, there are businesses and a half to two times more expensive. Russian plant from the point of view of investment was much cheaper."

With regard to the resource base, the raw material for the third stage of the plant to liquefy natural gas is enough: Kirinskoye gas field offshore Sakhalin, open 20 years ago, still involves a huge gas reserves. Soon there will earn a unique underwater complex for the extraction of gas.

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