Russia for 10 months has exported more than 140,000 tons of salmon


During 10 months of 2011, Russia exported more than 140 tons of salmon against nearly 100 million tons in 2010, told "Interfax" the head of the public relations center Rosrybolovstva Alexander Saveliev.

The main buyers of these fish are China (more than half of total exports), Japan (nearly one-third of exports) and the Republic of Korea. In the total exports of 97.1% was for frozen fish, 2.2% — for chilled and 0.7% — on the fillets.

The persistence of strong demand for salmon (pink salmon, chum, sockeye) and the domestic market. In the Far East, the wholesale prices for pink salmon fluctuate in the range of 55-60 rubles per 1 kg on chum — 100-110 rubles for sockeye — from 170 rubles.

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