Russia gave Poland three new Mi-17-1V

TSAMTO January 5. The Ministry of National Defence of Poland announced the receipt of three new helicopters Mi-17-1V ordered in Russia. The machines were manufactured at the Kazan helicopter factory and delivered on December 29 aircraft An-124 "Ruslan".

As previously reported, the INR Poland September 28, 2010 terminated the contract for the purchase of five Mi-17-1V in the transport-combat version of the Polish company "Metaleksport-S» and without a tender and the involvement of intermediaries has signed an agreement with the "Rosoboronexport" on the delivery of five new Mi-17-1V.

INR Poland and "Metaleksport-S» signed an agreement providing for the delivery of five of used helicopters Mi-17-1V/Mi-171 July 8, 2010. According to the deputy secretary of defense for weapons Martin Idzik, the contract with the Polish company was annulled because it failed to meet the requirements of the contract and submit the necessary certificates.

The remaining two helicopters are due to arrive in Poland at the end of the first quarter of 2011. In December 2010, the INR Poland has also signed with the "Rosoboronexport" separate agreement for logistical support helicopters and spare parts. At the request of the Russian side, the cost of the two contracts was not disclosed. According to unofficial data, the cost of each agreement is estimated at 50-55 million.

After the adoption and initial testing of the first two helicopters will be transferred to the company WZL-1 in Lodz modernization to bring them before sending to Afghanistan to the standard configuration of Mi-17-1V aircraft operated in Poland. Currently, Poland's Armed Forces in Afghanistan have four helicopters Mi-17 and Mi-eight drums 24.

According to the agreement with WZL-1 is a separate contract, the new aircraft should be equipped with additional armor, communication systems that comply with NATO avionics transponder system state identification "friend or foe". A key element of the modernization is to equip the helicopter equipment, allowing to use night vision goggles. Before sending helicopters to Afghanistan will also be equipped with a set of self-defense tools, including station opto-electronic suppression CT-01AV "Adros" Ukrainian production, as well as the means of self-defense of the Danish company "Terma."

Kit includes four helicopters, weapons container HC-32A with 57mm NAR-5, four containers B8-B20 with 80-mm rockets S-8, two suspended UPK-23-250 with twin 23-mm gun GSH-23L. There are mounting to accommodate three made in Poland 7.62-mm machine guns (in the side doors and the ports on the left and right side).

It is expected that the winner of the tender for the equipment of helicopters with machine guns will be selected soon. The competition, announced in September 2010, involved "Yunitroneks Polandov" together with "Dillon Aerospace," which offered 7.62-mm machine gun M134D, and the Polish "11 Works", which presented a version of the machine gun M134G «Garwood Industries."

New helicopters to be ready for delivery in the Polish air group in Ghazni province by March 2011.

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