Russia goes to the silver from France


On Monday, April 9, the Russian junior team (players born in 1996) met with Portugal in the final of the tournament, "Montague" in France. Regular time ended in a goalless draw, and our team seemed preferable opponent, and in a penalty shootout football players were more accurate with the homeland of Ferdinand Magellan. For the Russian team at the present performance "Montague" was the best since 1991. Third place in the tournament took England, who beat the hosts 1-0 French.

Russia — Portugal — 0:0 (0:0), 1:3 on penalties

Russia: Mitryushkin, black, snow-storms Grechkin, Makarov, Kausar, Sheydaev, Zuev (Likhachev, 78), Rudkovskii (Babaev, 47), Kuzmin (Introduced 34), Parshikov.

Portugal: Costa, Carlos Meira, Mota, Neves (Alves, 54), Barbosa (Verdasco, 74), Postiga (Diogo, 66), Moreira (Mata, 74), Macedonia, Carvalho Guedes (Ribeiro, 60).

Warning: Parshikov, 8. Guedes, 29. Grechkin, 31. Moreira, 53.

April 9. Montague. 12 degrees. 3000 spectators.

The meeting with Portugal, among other things, was to answer the question whether the second half with the British-stage with a bright flash of our team or access to a new level in terms of game content. The Russians started the game confidently, despite the delay in awarding the final match due to other participants and a large audience gathered in the stands and outside the stadium. Our team controlled the game, depriving the skilful and loving to play combination football Portuguese most important thing — the ball. Before the break for two teams created several scoring chances. The Russians looked well ahead Zuev, constantly aggravating the situation in front of goal. Alas, with the final blow to Alexander desperately unlucky. Swarthy southerners seriously disturbed our goal at the 21 th minute. Macedonia beat a few meters after a great diagonal transfer from the left flank, but missed the target.

After the break, the advantage of the Russians became even more obvious. Our guys have won the battle for midfield and had further squeezed opponent. At the 70th minute, substitute Introduced curled the ball in from the left wing into Portuguese, so much so that he hit the crossbar. Three minutes later, the referee gave the offside goal of eliminating the Russian team in obvious situations. In this game the Russians had to win in regulation time, but instead — 0:0 and penalties. If a meeting with the British skill and luck were on our side of the scale, in a match against Portugal was the opposite. Russia lost, but leaves the tournament with her head held high. Patriotic squad, led by Dimitri Khomukha in front was added during the competition, becoming the most important discovery of the tournament. If the junior national team coaching staff will continue to move the selected course, the contours of which are quite tangible now, and the boys — to work responsibly, with full dedication and reduce demands on themselves, this team has a great future.

Final position of teams in the tournament, "Montague":

1. Portugal


3. England

4. France

5. USA

6. Mexico

7. Japan

8. China

9. Morocco

10. Côte d'Ivoire

11. UAE

12. National team football Solidarity Africa 

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