Russia handed over a draft of the contract to build the 5th generation aircraft for the Indian Air Force

"Military Parity". Over the next 20 years, India for the purchase of the stealth fifth-generation fighter, which will become the world's largest military deal, need about $ 35 billion.


According to sources, India and Russia will complete the design of a complete and final configuration of the fifth generation fighter at the end of the year or in early 2013. India reiterates resolute rejection of the U.S. proposal to become a participant of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).


     Prior to the conclusion of the contract, according to which India intends to acquire from 2022 200 stealth fighter, leading engineers Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) and the Indian Air Force experts will travel to Russia for two weeks to complete the "full documentation and other works of" a preliminary draft of the contract.


     During a visit to Moscow last week, Air Chief Marshal Norman Anil Kumar Browne (NAK Browne) acquainted with the development of a fifth generation fighter T-50.


     Indian fighter in the main will be created based on the T-50, but will be made taking into account the requirements of the Indian Air Force.


     In December 2010, India signed a contract with Russia for the sum of 295 million dollars. Total costs for the creation of stealth aircraft will amount to $ 11 billion, where the share of investment in India and Russia are at $ 5.5 billion.


     "Three Russian prototype T-50 performed about 180 flights. Plant HAL «Ozar" in Nasik get three prototypes in 2014, 2017 and 2019 … and test flights will serve the Indian Air Force pilots, "the source said.



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  • t-50

"Russia has already submitted a draft contract to build the aircraft. The contract will include the costs of design, development of infrastructure of the plant "Ozar" the development and flight testing. So India will have scientists and test pilots in Russia and on the "Ozar" during the phased creation of a stealth fighter do2019 year. HAL then start producing fighters, "he added.


     Interestingly, initially spoke of not less than 166 single rooms and 48 double fifth-generation aircraft for the Indian Air Force, now there are opinions that the aircraft will be produced only in the single version.


     «F-35 and T-50 are single-seat fighter. The second cabin reduce stealth features to increase at least 15% by weight and reduce aircraft fuel. In addition, work to create a two-seater variant may increase the costs of another $ 2 billion, "he said.

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