Russia handed over to Vietnam last patrol of Firefly


Russia handed over to Vietnam last two patrol boat project 10412 (export version of the project 10410 "Firefly"). According to the Strategy Page, supply ships took place late on the timing, as the shipyard has received some of the necessary components of a delay. In total, the Vietnamese Navy received four guard-ship.

Construction of the ship was conducted under a contract signed in July 2009. The deal is estimated at $ 60 million. Construction of ships engaged in St. Petersburg shipbuilding company "Almaz".

Project 10412 patrol at a length of 39.5 meters have a displacement of 390 tons and capable of speeds up to 30 knots. Range is 2.2 ships thousands of miles. Boats armed with 30-mm gun mount AK-630 76.2-mm gun mounts AK-176M, 16 launchers, missiles Igla-1M and two 14.5 millimeter machine guns.

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